Why Do We Still Need Cable Boxes?

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In this day and age, you can stream millions of songs and videos to a tiny handheld device – so why do we still need clunky cable boxes?

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25 thoughts on “Why Do We Still Need Cable Boxes?

  • Pay over $200 a month after all the little fees for basic, especially after that first year. If you put a phone line on for free blah blah, yeah then you pay a $15 monthly landline tax. It goes on and on.

  • I don't really save that much money…as the packages for double and triple play are cheaper. I was just tired of switching from Fios to xfinity every 2 or 3 years and calling them to keep the price down. Also xfinity speeds for internet were terrible for some reason…

    So last year after quitting Fios for a week and installing xfinity for a week, Fios came back as if I was a new customer. It is still not cheap, $80 for 3 years no contract internet only ,WiFi router included, Gigabit speed. It does work fantastic tho…

    So I am still forced to use them for internet. For TV I have 4 Roku's including a built in TCL TV , Sling TV blue/orange/DVR/Starz +Netflix HD, HBO Now (For about 5 months a year) Lifetime subscription to Plex + HDHomerun + Outside Antenna for local channels with sports ABC,NBC,CBS,FOX, etc. During NFL season I turn on Sling's Redzone and sports channel ($5 I think?).

    So its not a cheap way to go , but not having cable boxes gives me some freedom . I have found Sling to be tricky when turning channels off. I tried Youtube TV as a free trial but they did not have HGTV at the time which we need….Now they do have it ($50).
    I may try them again.

    Otherwise Nitro TV is a skitchy option

  • because people dont find ways to rip and upload every show ever aired anyways. if someone wants something bad enough they'll take it. drm is a joke.

  • I have youtube red, netflix, hulu and pandora one for my music. still cheaper than cable and guess what? no fking commercials… the thing that pisses me off the most about cable is that the cable company is charging people to watch fking commercials.. I don't want to see them, i want to watch my show / movie and not be bothered with some bs I don't care about – period.

  • I have not used cable tv in 15 years. i moved out when I was 17yo and paid for broadband – that was that. never cared for watching fking commercials – why am I being forced to watch commercials – what am I paying for? yeah, fuck that. got broadband and hooked a computer up to my tv and got a wireless keyboard to use as my remote.

  • that fucking cable boxes consumes from 35 to 70 watts each hour! that monthly electricity SHOULD BE PAID BY THE PROVIDER, NOT BY THE USER, because hwen you had a CABLE to the TV, you were only PAYING when you started the TV

  • TiVo still works well in the US where cable cards are required to be supported. It's actually saves me money every month. I have a TiVo Romiao and a TiVo mini. Both have lifetime guide service. TiVo is way easier to use than Comacst X1 and monthly fees are far less than renting a DVR from them and paying for multiple TV's. I can still use Comcast's online service with the application they have for the TiVo and use Netflix and others apps from the same device. Can even purchase pay per view with the Comacast app.
    But Comcast doesn't want you to use it because they don't make coin off it. They will tell you X1 is way better and it might be a matter of preferences but I have not felt I could trust their equipment to be reliable since 2008 when I returned 3 defective cable boxes in a month and been using my own hardware since quite happily.

    If they stop supporting cable cards I will probably go to a roof top antenna and only buy internet from them since I only watch mostly broadcast tv and hbo. HBO can now be bought as an online service so I don't really need them to package it with other tv services.

  • Good vid, I often see cable cards in use when I travel to Europe or the Islands and wonder why this system isn't in NA. Many times I see Cable boxes with the cable card slot, which was interesting that consumers had choice on their preferred box. To bad the system is being ignored

  • Funny… in Germany CI+ modules directly from the provider are pretty common. Must be an US-thing. But I must admit CI+ has the reputation of a trojan horse because it can limit the playability of your recordings or block recording at all. Also cable is pretty much used in bigger cities only and has more restrictions than the more widespread satellite broadcasting. In the "countryside" pretty much everyone has satellite antennas on the roof of their house. Standard Definition of standard channels is completely free and and HD costs about 60€ per year. The only exeption is Sky with their extremely restricted pay-tv boxes.

  • Cable and their anti-consumer practices will hopefully die within the next few years.

    Thanks internet, now different services actually have to compete and offer value!

    Just wish people wouldn't support old cable companies trying to get in on the streaming action.
    Foxtel is evil and I'm glad their monopoly (where I live) is over.

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