Why Did Windows Phone Fail?

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How is it that Microsoft makes THE dominant operating system for PCs, but is nearly invisible on smartphones?

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24 thoughts on “Why Did Windows Phone Fail?

  • "While Microsoft treated the emerging mobile devices as a sideshow, google and apple forged ahead with modern operating systems that ran circles around windows mobile, itself a Windows CE decendant."

    Ummm both android and iOS are "decendants" of their respective OS types (linux for android, macOS for iOS) iOS more so than andriod considering iOS is, put most simply, an extremely cut down version of macOS with a mobile UI. That's not to say that android and iOS didn't run circles around windows mobile anyways but that bit about being a windows CE decendant irritated me.

  • I really is a shame what happened with the Windows Phone OS. Starting with WP 8 I honestly VASTLY preferred it to iOS and Android as a phone operating system, and W10M made it even better, but the developer support just wasn't there…

  • The pre-iPhone era OS list seems odd. Symbian S60 was definitely a smartphone OS (you had web browsing, video playback, music playback, apps, everything…), and before 2007 had phones like the 6600 which sold over 150 million units, as well as after 2007 phones like the 5230, which also sold 150 million units. By 2012 Nokia had sold around 1.2 billion S60 phones. If S60 was under "others" in the list, Windows Mobile devices should have sold triple that of S60 devices, which I find HIGHLY unlikely (I've known 3 people in my life from that era with a Windows Mobile phone, and hundreds with an S60 phone). =/

  • windows phones were always cheaper and better quality, besides they used less power less ram,less cpu but no lag and good performance. the only problem was, they were late and their application store was always lack of main applications. even skype was better in android and ios compare to windows, even if it was actually their application ! so i believe they should have kept going to release phones and focus on improving their applications in windows store.

  • They gave up right when things were starting to get good. Market share for WP reached 4%, higher than it had ever been, then no flagships were released for years. When one eventually was it was marketed to business customers when WP had been marketing to regular consumers since WP7. I jumped ship when they announced they'd be focusing on business customers along with a lot of us loyal users. To this day I still think Windows 10 Mobile had the best typing experience and UI in mobile operating systems. Some people might think I'm crazy when I say UI but you know how phone screens are huge these days? Microsoft's design language placed menus at the bottom of screens unlike iOS and Android so one handing large devices was never a problem. Add onto that the fact that with WP you were getting a consistent experience across devices but you still had a ton of devices to choose from and you have one solid platform.

  • Windows Phone failed because it didn't appeal to business users, it was overpriced and didn't have a physical keyboard.
    (Mocking using Steve Balmer's comment about the iPhone 2G back in 07')

  • the windows phone also lacked in battery power my dad owned one and after a year of owning he went from replacing his battery from 5-7 months within a year to basicly every month

  • Still using my Lumia 1020 41 MP camera Windows Phone. Always get compliments from friends about quality of Photos. I don't care about useless APPs anyway (ie. McDonald's APP). Only the Huawei P30 Pro is making me think about retiring my Lumia 1020, 6 years later from owning it….

  • I miss my HP elite x3. What a great phone. To this day Google and Apple haven't figured out how to turn their phones into desktop computers, but Windows Phones have had Continuum since 2015. I hope Microsoft can take the foldable 3-in-1 category with Andromeda before Google and Apple copy it.

  • I had a windows nokia phone, one of the fairly early ones that ran windows 8. I actually really liked the phone, the winsows 8 UI worked REALLY well on a smartphone I have to say, and I had no complaints whatsoever EXCEPT one big one, there were hardly any decent apps. Most of the apps were the lame Microsoft ones, or pretty janky versions/clones of popular ones. Eventually I broke it by shattering the screen, and got an LG phone.

  • This just goes to show that the bigger you get and more diverse, the harder things get.

    Keep it simple, keep it narrow. And you will be at least good in a few things, instead of just average or worse in many things. Yeah it can be possible to do many things well, but easier and simpler to do a few things great.

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