How Accurate are "Minimum System Requirements?"

Most games and other programs list “minimum requirements” for your PC, but are they really accurate?

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23 thoughts on “How Accurate are "Minimum System Requirements?"

  • my pc is exactly 7 years old and i googled average computer age, seen 6 years, then i must be average. Then i remembered of hospitals, schools and third world countries…

  • so bad, my pc doesnt have the minimum system req to play rust and it still play it with 80 fps (good graphics) i mean i have a good graphic card

  • i have an old Dell Latitude D830 running Windows 7, and it only has 3 gb of ram. Minecraft needs 4, but i can run it. it might be version 1.7.2 with optifine installes, have some hardware optimization, and only run at an fps of around 25, but hey, its sorta playable

  • After finally upgrading my video card to an RX 570 8GB, I noticed that minimum requirements are super inaccurate. Due to a lack of money, my CPU is still an oldie, AMD FX-6300, that's from 2012 while my vcard is from 2018, yet I can run any modern game just fine, even though many websites list that my CPU is too old and I should upgrade. Granted, I can't run some games at high or ultra high, but I don't care. I get above 30 FPS for everything running at a 1080p resolution and that's good enough for me.

  • I love most of Linus's videos. But fuck off woth the whole "25 fps is unplayable" mentally. Yes, I prefer to have over 100 fps, but growing up I wad happy if my mom's computer could play any 3D game at more than 7 fps. Hell, I thought 15 fps was fun.

  • Im playing on a computer that NOT EVEN BARELY meets the specs and in a game like csgo its takes 4 minutes to load a map and the best frame rate is 20 fps and im still plaing competitive like that.

  • When I was a kid I used to play Civ IV on so slow pc that it took around 20 minutes to process turn for computer at later stages. I also played Crysis 1 with average of 8-10 fps on my university notebook. The I even managed to raid in WoW with average of 1-2 fps on a netbook and was doing decent dps. Was it subpar? Of course. Did I have fun? yes, because those titles were awesome. But if you can, go 1440 and min 60 fps, its like whole different world.

  • I'll never forget the day I moved from playing console games to PC games.
    Fallout 3: on console: Buggy broken slow running mess on console. on PC: Buggy crashing awful mess but playable.
    Fallout :New Vegas on console: Buggy awful unplayable mess of crashes and lost save files. On PC: less buggy better save features and playable mess.

    But then finally PC shone,
    Skyrim on console, slow buggy broken mess of freezes and glitches and poor FPS when doing something fun.
    Skyrim on PC, HD texture packs, community mods that fixed the game, added content, 150+FPS even with laggy battle sequences,

    Yes Bethesda I am your bitch. I've shoveled you my cash for years for your broken ass but very addictive fun crap.
    Never been back to consoles really, Nintendo switch not included.
    Just hurry up and bring Elder scrolls 6 – Tamreil.

  • I have one friend, that play on an like 2015 iMac, that had his FPS blocked at 30, and when he unlocked(his pc was able to run the game at 60) it was so weird for him that he stayed at 30…

  • I would say it depends on the game. Some games are pretty optimized, Rust is surprisingly well optimized for very low end PC's. The minimum GPU is a gtx 670 2gb. Userbenchmark has the gtx 670 rated at 40% and the gtx 1060 is at 70%. My brother can still play Rust on his 8 year old laptop that has a GT 630M, which on Userbenchmark has a rating of like 4 or 5%. Some games are terrible though, and the minimum requirments will barely get you 30 frames per second on the lowest settings. And I swear some games give you the minimum requirments to play offline. Then you go to play online and all of a sudden the game is soaking up every last drop of power from you processor.

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