Why the Headphone Jack is Going EXTINCT

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Why is the headphone jack, a long-time fixture on smartphones, disappearing?

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48 thoughts on “Why the Headphone Jack is Going EXTINCT

  • If you support headphone jack at this point you are supporting audiophilia and the abuse of tech companies to continue relying on old technology. The same goes for any company who still releases products with microUSB instead of type C. I will never forgive the toxic HiFi community for promoting pseudoscience and constant shaming Bluetooth users and LoFi listeners. #MuteHeadphoneJack #MuteHJ #LeavingHiFiLand

  • Samsung’s got my back, with their inclusion of a headphone jack! Seriously, the Galaxy S10+ still comes with WIRED earbuds and a headphone jack, despite being made in 2019.

  • Asus made a phone with a headphone jack, dual sim, dedicated SD card slot, a whopping 5,000mAh battery, a 48MP camera, no notch, swiveling camera, and is only $500

  • Apple's excuses are just stupid, take a look at Samsung. Better battery, better storage, waterproof and still has a headphone jack. It can even fit a pen inside. I guess apple is just trying to sell their ugly $150+ airpods. Like how can you make a design uglier than those airpods? They look like q-tips

  • Why don't they just replace the headphone jack with a smaller analog connector that's easier to waterproof and easy to cheaply make legacy headphone jack adapters?

  • Taking out the headphone jack is a stupid idea and I refuse to ever buy a phone without one. I don't want stupid little useless additions to my phone like facial recognition at the cost of having good easy to Access audio quality for my headphones.

  • Don’t blame Apple for the headphone abandonment. Although they did it first, other companies followed them, which isn’t apple’s failt

  • I'd much rather have a single cam phone with headphone jack than a 2,3 or 4 cam phone without headphone jack.
    Also i dont like the fact that samsung discontinued the ir blaster, i loved that feature on the s6.
    And who the fuck wants a heartbeat sensor samsung? Just get the ir blaster back.

  • You know, I'd be willing to forgive the merciless slaughter of the headphone jack if there was an EQUALLY convenient solution. Such as, say, maybe using NFC to instantly pair headphones to the phone. But as it currently stands, to pair bluetooth headphones, you need to:
    1. Stop whatever you're doing
    2. Go to the home screen
    3. Launch a settings app
    4. Navigate any number of menus to make your way to the Bluetooth menu
    5. Attempt to identify your particular device
    6. Spend a few seconds pairing it
    which can take upwards of a MINUTE to accomplish. For an entire industry focused on simplicity and convenience, this amount of faffery required to accomplish what should be a simple task is completely unacceptable. For many people, having to deal with the wire is LESS INconvenient than the ridiculous setup process.

  • NO physical button
    NO Headphones jack
    NO Charging Port
    NO Screen
    Just Brick With Apple logo on it
    people still buy it and call it INNOVATION

  • Frankly I'd be happy to swap over to a different connector, but only if people could decide on a standard that is as widely used as the headphone jack, but better, and without the dongle nonsense

  • I actually don’t care about having no headphone jack 🤷‍♀️ I have used AirPods since they came out and I have not wanted to go back to wired headphones since. AirPods are good enough for me, I hated getting wired tangled up anyway

  • If you don't have a headphone jack, I'm not buying your phone. End of.

    I'm a practical kind of person. I enjoy fashion but when I spend a lot of money I go for timelessness. Quality. I'm finding the trends with phones these days are getting more than a little stupid. I don't need a phone to be all screen and paper thin. I need it to last the day and do everything I need it to in an intuitive manner.

    When I look for a phone it needs to tick the boxes.

    How long does its battery last in heavy use?

    Does it lag?
    What is its camera like?
    Can it handle the apps I use?

    Does it have a massive amount of bloatware and is it easily removable?
    Does it handle GPS well?

    …Does it have a headphone jack.

    I use bluetooth headphones daily for long periods of time. They have a downside. If you get a good pair you're shelling out at least $200. They need charging. My ones last the day but sometimes you forget to charge or your plug isn't in right and then you're not using them. Sometimes you go into a space that disconnects them. That's just how it is. They're convenient only in the freedom of movement way.

    For my phone I like to use normal headphones. Bluetooth + media is a battery drain that means you'll be hooking your phone up to a brick of a powerbank and hoping it charges faster than you're draining. If that sounds good to you …go for it. Forget to charge your headphones and you're suddenly using a wired headset, only you're also draining your phone battery faster so you're a mess of wires. Good job.

    If you want me to drop $800 -$1200 on a phone, you're going to have a headphone jack. Or you're going to fuck off. I have no interest in such a substandard product. My current outdated phone has a headphone jack and the ability to connect a headset. That's what I expect and if you don't provide it you can charge some poor, stupid sod a kidney for your runway special and miss out on the business of the majority.

  • the Headphone Jack has been around since 1877 and is the standard in the audio world and is not going anywhere. I like to use my AKG studio headphones I have been using since almost 10 years. Fact is, Audio equiment will outlive most phones and they are based on headphone jacks. so apple can go fuck themselves.

  • Bluetooth audio uses lossy compression (resulting in slightly worse quality), and has lag. I really want a headphone jack in my phone.

  • It would be awesome if we could custom order our phones. Choosing which features we do and don't get with our mobile devices would be most welcome. Although, it'll probably never happen.

  • 2:49 This part really annoys me. Market researchers have absolutely no idea what they are doing most of the time. Most products fail because of the stuff market researchers say the people want.

  • yes I understand what you saying Linus but to point out at the beginning when the first smartphone was created it was so we can have our music on our phone plus that's why we have the headphone jack remember what Steve Jobs said it would be all-in-one a miniature computer and the library for all our music and a beautiful little headphone jack😎

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