Adblock as Fast As Possible

What is Adblock, and what effect does Adblock have on your favorite sites and creators?

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45 thoughts on “Adblock as Fast As Possible

  • if you subsribed to this bs , this is like big brother giving someone popular on youtube a script to read for propagana engine greese

  • its 2019 i get like 10 ads a video and now even double ads between videos 😂 i think the time for thinking about how a youtuber will make money is kinda at an end 😃 this shits worse than tv. half hour program with 45 minutes of ads xD thats why i left tv for the internet. just like with everything youtube and youtubers have been given an inch and taken 650 miles. 1 ad a video is acceptible. 27 🤣 nooppppeee fuck offf

  • Linus if you say anything bad about adblock I'm unsubbing and never watching ur vids again. Anyone who tries to ram irritating ads down my throat I'll ass fuck with a hockey stick.

  • linus, personally i dont give even the smallest fraction of a **** about "websites revenue", the very fact that theyre still active means that theyre doing just fine, or at least fine enough for me

  • I HATE ads with a passion! When I see an advertisement promoting advertisements, I am especially annoyed. Get bent. And rethink your hairstyle.

  • i realy love ADblock but i forgot to download it to my laptop so when i connected it to my tv so my 5-7 year old kids could see some kids movies then my oldest was standing in front of the tv and then what pops up when i going in to the animation on the streaming site y it was porn that pop up damn i was pist so y if you have kids it's a must have if you dont pay for like netflix ore so

  • Almost 4 years later on, this alternative model seems to be working out okay. I'm looking forward to the full launch of Floatplane where viewers can eliminate ads altogether in exchange for a monthly fee.

  • I always turn off my AdBlock on Porn website because I want them to get money and keep running there website , You guys remember Hentai heaven did you know why it shutdown ? Because they can’t keep up with the server costs

  • Going threw the comments I seem to be the only person to REFUSE AdBlock.
    I agree that people should have the right having NOT to watch a video. I also think that people have the right NOT to pay for a movie.
    By using AdBlock and downloading it illegally? No
    By NOT using the service. People make products and it shouldn't be up to me to decide how much it costs. People should be allowed to make their own prices. I may always decline the purchase/service if I don't agree on the price.
    People make content to sell it. Their price is you watching ads. If you don't agree then the solution shouldn't be " then I'll (what it essentially is) steal it"

    You might think "it's not stealing! It's just software. It's not like I'm actually physically taking something". Well then downloading movies isn't stealing as well.

    I also think that ads like the ones that track you after you left the website and malware shouldn't be legal and should be auto baked into chrome. But ads that just show an annoying pop up, video, survey should be illegal to deactivate.

    People should have the right to decide their own prices. People should be able to "just snag the item for free because it's convenient". Otherwise downloading movies should be okay as well.

    I like the payment free options with ads. I will continue to support it. People seem to disagree though and eventually content creators must charge money at some point. You can't just await them to work for free. I certainly wouldn't.

    I will occasionally turn on a AdBlock if the site is rendered COMPLETELY useless by the ad but that never really happens.
    I love supporting people by paying them for their work and watch my ads with pride

  • I just installed AdBlock for Chrome on my Desktop. HAD TO. I've seen a dramatic increase on Bloody Companies pushing their products online, some you can exit out of, some you can't. I am really sick of it. If I want to buy something, let me think of it, I don't need Ads forced down my throat just because some Company want's to sell products. I have YouTube Premium also. Only reason why I got that was YouTube was increasing the amount of Ads ALL OVER THE PLACE . Everything you click on: AD .Wanna watch something: AD BEFORE. AD IN THE MIDDLE & AD AT THE END . It gets worse. Plus YouTubers who sneak in Bloody Ads into their Videos. I HAVE YOUTUBE PREMIUM TO GET AWAY FROM ADS, NOT TO HAVE YOUTUBERS SNEAK THEM IN . Ads are literally like Viruses.

  • I use avasts browser because it has built in ad blocker totally recommend 100% if you're sick of viruses and being spammed with ads especially YouTube ads hopefully that guy replying to everyone saying adblockers are ruining youtube creators sees and gets triggered.

  • Youtube isnt working right with adblock. There is an error witch goes away if you reload the site. But i just hate a 2min long ad before i can watch a video. I dont want to spent my time watching ads for stuff i will never buy.

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