Cyberbullying As Fast As Possible

People being unpleasant to each other online is nothing new, but when might it be too much? How prevalent is cyberbullying, and what are its possible effects?

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20 thoughts on “Cyberbullying As Fast As Possible

  • I was once mod of a forum consisting mostly of little kids. Only a few people were grown adults like me, including our team. Before I became a mod I expressed my opinion about users who who spam posts in threads only to push their post counter up. Their posts contained mostly nonsence. Of course, this one little kid got angry and harassed the shit out of me. Later I became a mod and with the permission from the admins, I deleted the spam posts from the two kids. Then I had to ban the kids from the chat. And then, it got worse. One of them spamed messages on the forum how much he hates me, completly overreacted and followed me anywhere I was on the internet. On any page I was a member of, he attacked me. Of course, I got mad and depressed and talked with the admins, who underestimated the whole drama. The two kids got later banned. But I still felt depressed and mad and overreacted over some things like the admins were most of time inactive and lazy. Later I stepped back from being a mod and years later I realized what I did wrong. If you are mod or an admin and get harassed, tell the other admins or the webmaster about your feelings (be honest!) and step back for a period of time. Don't post links of webpages you are a member of! They will create sockpuppets to harass you further! Stay strong <3

  • Such an important and kind-hearted video of a great topic. I hope most of the viewers actually listen!
    To those of you affected, remember that it isn't you who are at fault. You do not deserve the treatment from others.

  • Please address ADULT CYBER-BULLYING!!  I can turn it off but it can ruin your character as it stays public FOREVER!!  And the mental stress too can seriously effect adults.  I had to actually just go and get a PO on another.. it's real.  Not enough on adult stats and effects.  Thank you.

  • the comments section gave me cancer.

    'just walk away from your computer!' like walking away is going to stop the bully spreading false rumours about you, for example.

  • i may not have been cyberbullied, i was bullied back at school and i can tell you, it hurt and here the thing, it hurt far more that those who think it hurt think !, just don't go online than, don't cross that street than or don't go take that corridor those are not good solutions as it would simply mean this, the bully as won over the bullied and i won't let someone tell me what the fuck i will do or live, if its happening , i will report it and if it does nothing…i'l call the police, one thing, i'm in canada and bullying and cyberbullying is illegal and can be very, very punishing on the bully, but its the fear that peoples fell, the weakness of been oppressed and…getting lost in your thoughs, accepting that your bullied and get along with it is not what you should do, say it…or else things will go really wrong…

  • How did i know that the comment section would be full of idiots saying "Just walk away from your computer" or "Just use the block feature"?

    When can you guys understand that if it was that easy it wouldn't be a damn problem. But have you ever thought to realise that maybe those people want to stay online? That maybe they want to be like everyone else and enjoy the internet aswell? And blocking (as clearly stated by Linus in the video won't always work either. Lots of people get bullied by more than just one person or two or three. Lot's of people get bullied by large groups of people. And blocking groups of people like that all the time can be both stressful and difficult. And people often continue creating new accounts to bypass the block and continue harassing the victim. It fucking disgusts me how the actual majority of the comments say these kind of things. That they view the topic in such a simple way and think that the solution is so easy and that the victims are always "pussies". Fucking grow up and try to think for once about what the other person may feel.

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