Why Are People So Rude Online? (Trolling)

Internet trolls seem to be everywhere – what are some of the psychological reasons that drive people to be so rude online?

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28 thoughts on “Why Are People So Rude Online? (Trolling)

  • People will troll you by deliberately giving an opinion that is deliberately against yours and act like you're stepping on their freedom of speech if you get irritated because you know what they're doing.

  • I mean I honestly don’t know why people are rude in general 🤷🏽‍♀️

    But it’s whatever life still goes on and life is too short to worry about this stuff just don’t give them any intentions 🤷🏽‍♀️👌🏽

  • It's fairly simple really. In the days of the old west or Colonial times your word was gold and a contract between you and other people be it man woman or child. In those days if you so much as said the wrong thing to the wrong person you might just get killed by that person and the entire community supported your killing. Rude people or just plain out ass holes have always been around but when society as a whole gives 2 shits less what happens to these ass holes things are different. Times changed and so did the law and it became less common to see 2 men fighting or killing each other over words int he street. Then here comes this magic box with the ability to hide your ID and no real consequences for anything you say or do…………………..when humans or the majority has no moral compass to guide them and no Iron hand to beat the shit out of it the general rule is the rule of the jungle which means everyone turns into ass holes.

  • Trolls are cowards in my opinion.  They aren't brave enough in the real world to screw with people so they do it online.  Just insecure cowards.

  • All i got from this video is thatbi can get a job in china using my keyboard skills amd as long as there are bridges in china i should be fine

  • Like every time I post a simple comment expressing my opinion on something I get assaulted by the a bunch of kids calling me an idiot or a dumbass or stuff like that.

  • See, here's the thing. Trolling is supposed to be funny. For example, Team Avo griefing Minecraft back in the day– that was funny.
    What I've seen is an increase in toxicity. It's either an edgy 12 year old that isn't being raised at all or it's an SJW whining about hardships that don't exist because they never had any real hardship in their life and they want some.

    These edgy millenials are toxic online, but scared as shit, IRL. Is it the food? Is it the lack of parenting? Were people always this stupid and I just didn't notice before?
    Whatever it is, don't call it trolling. It's not. It's toxic, mentally ill children that need better parenting, less soy, or whatever.

    P.S. We also didn't have so many school shootings and suicides in the past. So, I reiterate, something is going horribly wrong and it's not just '4chan and 9gag got a bunch of new recruits'. It's something much worse and much deeper than that.

  • man people that are rude to me.,.. makes me want to kill myself … for treating me like crap… and plus many people don't realize that I have many disorders that can kms…. depression, anxiety

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