How To Boost Your Cell Phone Signal

If you have a chronically weak cell phone signal, how can you give it a boost without having to wander outside in search of a stronger connection?

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49 thoughts on “How To Boost Your Cell Phone Signal

  • Thank you very much.
    This is really first time that I've heard about WiFi Calling, it's really huge for me, since I got no signal at home.

  • I use a simple 30 dollar antenna and attach it via a homemade connector directly to the little rf port under the battery cover. It goes from 2-3 bars of 3g past hsdpa and maintains a solid 3 bars of 4g which is enough to stream video on laptop using phone as hotspot. Cheapest way I could find.

  • Have this issue where I live, in the UK, on the outskirts of London, in a small town notorious for bad service, it's been this way for the last 20 years or so and has barely improved whatsoever.

    The odd thing is, there are plenty of tall masts and cell sites within very close proximity, but yet most houses in this area suffer.

    There's 6 massive (perhaps 50-60m tall) towers within a 5 mile radius, and you can even see these towers from certain parts of the town, there's 4 cell site masts on top of a church tower, that itself is about 50 metres above the ground, that is only about 600 metres from my house "as the crow flies", despite this I get awful service.

    It's made worse by the double whammy, the WiFi in my house is awful, it covers most of the house, and extenders have to be used to cover the rest, but it doesn't work outside, either in the garden or out the front.

    If I'm sat in my car outside my house and want to quickly look something up, or check directions to a place, or send a text – not possible, I get at best, 1 bar of phone service, and normally none, and of course I get either no WiFi or 1 bar of WiFi coverage, which drops out within seconds, again not enough to work.

    I've been with 4 different phone networks, and all have the same issue, of poor coverage in this area, it got so bad that last year I took out a new contract, and checked the coverage on their coverage map, which said I should get GOOD coverage, mostly indoors and outdoors, which turned out to be a lie.

    I ended up complaining to the network, who in the end, after a few days of arguing, told me they would either cancel the contract, and I'd send the phone back, since it was within the cooling off period, OR I'd have to pay £30 (at half the normal price) for a Sure Signal device – effectively a Femtocell, the device connects into the wall outlet, and you connect it to your network via an ethernet cable, the device then runs through checks and connects to your network, initially you have to set it up and link it to your mobile phone, and then it takes up to 24 hours from first setup for the device to start working, but after this, it works a treat, and I now have full signal in most areas of the house, but this is only thanks to this device, of course, once the internet crashes, the femtocell effectively becomes useless, and I resort to 1 bar or no signal at all again.

    After a bit more arguing, and sending an email to the CEO, a sure signal device was sent out free of charge in the post, and received a few days later. Mobile phone companies seem to be by far the worst, they tell you that you should get good coverage on their website, I checked my entire road using the postcode, it showed good coverage both indoors and outdoors, and based on these results I took a contract with them, the reality is it's the complete opposite, effectively no coverage at all, I'd have to walk several hundred meters closer to the nearest mast before I get a decent service. Based on the fact the results weren't accurate on their site, I didn't see why on top of paying £60 A MONTH for a phone contract, I should then have to pay another £60 (or £30 at their "discounted price" since I complained) for a device which would enable me to the do the things I should be able to do in the first place, but even this device would only resolve the issue for inside the house, not outdoors.

    I'd consider buying some sort of large mast to stick on the roof, and running that down to a GSM booster box, but of course, it's not my house, it's my parent's house, and they hate that sort of thing, also a large mast sticking off of the roof of a bungalow with houses close on either side would probably require some sort of planning permission.

    One of those small omni-directional receivers that look like a fin that people stick to their houses simply wouldn't work in this area, the coverage is so poor you'd either need a mast sitting very high up above the houses with a large gain, or nothing at all.

    I've contacted them several times, and each time there's maintenance ongoing, which they say is to "improve the performance and coverage" of the service, of course, it never makes any difference at all, and I'm effectively in a blackspot for network coverage.

  • I moved to a new city in Indiana with 40,000 pop. and very spotty T-Mobile coverage. I vary from No Service to 2 bars in the habitable part of the house. So. T-Mobile sent me an indoor duo signal booster, and in the attic, where I can get 3 bars on my phone, the booster got none. So, they sent me a second booster which was able to achieve one bar while I'm standing right next to it with 3 bars on the phone. Quite useless, so both boosters are being returned. Aside from the fact that they didn't work for me, each time you move the window unit to a different plug it takes hours for the unit to provision. Quite a pain in the rear, all in all.

  • The reason why the United States has one of the worst and most expensive signals in the entire world is because the cable companies have created a monopoly. We’re paying for their greed.

  • My router gets its internet signal via SIM card than spreads the WiFi signal or Ethernet cables. Problem is very poor signal on the recieving end (sim card). Any idea how to boost it? 3HuiTube is the model.

  • Easy solution

    Get a weboost cell phone signal because it works with all cell phone carriers and up to 7500 square feet houses and also buildings

  • For my purposes, weBoost or similar is the best solution, since I travel hundreds of miles per day on average. I know it's not perfect, and the device I really need is more than the base model, because I have multiple devices that need to stay connected. I don't suppose you could send me one lol jk

  • its all bulshit, come on man… i took my cellphone apart and pluged a wire to external antena port, signal increased and so did the speed, then with every speed test it went down back to same level it was. I took a wire out it could barrely see a signal from tower, after few seconds it went back up to original levels… Tmobile!

  • I look forward to the day when people no longer attack others when making videos (or any media for that matter) to get a laugh and boost their perceived "entertainment factor". Until the mind expands, narrow perspectives will dominate.

  • When you dont have home internet and does still not fix the problem and a micercell with atat still needs internet weboost coast two much any other ideals you have that will get your cell provider

  • Soooo….this is a commercial for some ebook company and doesn’t give a single way to boost your cell phone signal. It says use WiFi or an external booster but nothing how to boost your actual cell phones signal but more than ALLLLL that what is up at the first when you say “you’re on a business call or chatting up the girl you like” and you show a picture of like a 6 year old girl??!!! WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU??

  • Femtocells exist here in the UK, but the only carrier I know that sells them is Vodafone. You have to register them with an address and postcode so that anyone can use them to call the emergency services. It also accounts towards both your 3g/4g data allowance and your home internet allowance (assuming you don't have unlimited).

    For slow data connections, the compression option in the Opera web browser (pretty sure there is a similar plugin for Google Chrome) is basically a VPN connection that compresses the data being sent to you before it is downloaded. It reduces the amount of information that has to travel over the slow connection, but involves handing your data to a 3rd party privacy policy…

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