The Hyperloop As Fast As Possible

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop concept could fundamentally change the way we make long-distance trips. How would it work, and how feasible is it?

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46 thoughts on “The Hyperloop As Fast As Possible

  • They should delete this video if this company (LMG) has any moral obligation to accurately inform people. But let's be honest they're just interested in making money and don't give a fuck about their audience.

  • As stated in the white paper, the proposed hyperloop isn't going to go from LA to SF. It would go from Sylmar to Fremont, which starts limiting the market due to the time it takes to reach the stations. They didn't want to go the last miles due to the expense.

  • Doesnt require you to leave the ground… Weeeellll kinda… If you use linear induction motors for levitation to remove almost all friction then you are kinda flying… Sort of.

  • Snake oil, vapourware or complete bullshit depending on your favourite insult. A transport system where if anything goes wrong everybody in the system dies. I'd rather walk.

  • They are copying Japanese Anime GETTER ROBO , GETTER ROBO G,GETTER ROBO GO, SHIN GETTER ROBO, UFO GRANDGIZER. Launch Tube all of that was just a big hit the 1979 TV series Battlestar Galatica  have a launch tube for the Viper fighter.

  • 1:28 "The hyperloop vehicle itself contains an air compressor near the front, to intake excess air in the tube and exhaust it out the back, because the excess air would otherwise cause air resistance or drag that would slow the vehicle down. The compressor is necessary to remove this air and make sure the hyperloop can attain its top speed."

    Fundamental design: Remove virtually all air from the tube, putting the tube at a near-space level vacuum.
    Step n: …."AIR COMPRESSOR"……

    Did you put any thought into this concept when you were making this video? Because Thunderf00t did.

  • im disappointed that linus group has been long involved with spreading hyper loop fallacies. hyperloop wont work.. its practicality is null. a neat idea but un-achievable.

    also how can something be suspended on air casters that work by moving enough atmosphere in a tube that will function at 1/5th of a percent of atmosphere… why make a vacuum chamber if your just gonna use air to lift your stupid pod

  • And you're not going to talk about the challenge they face making it work as a vacuum? Rough calculations show that if you were to make a Hyperloop from Los Angeles to San Francisco itself as a vacuum chamber would be 2,000 larger than the current largest vacuum chamber, and maintaining that very low-pressure system would be a nightmare and not to mention SUPER expensive.

  • the hyperlook does not longer will use the air below to levitate, it will use pasive levitation using eddy currents.
    But if you use imperial units is expected to see those kind of mistake…

  • @2:30 "Since it was first proposed in 2012 by Elon Musk?" Elon Musk didn't invent nor proposed it first. The concept is very very old. It stems from 1799. Lookup "Vactrain" on Wikipedia.

  • While there are bunch of 'Thunderfoot iz a real science man!!11' the hyper loop is still bullshit. Their smaller scale tests have shown that it barely works even with a bunch of different designs, it's not very efficient and it just wouldn't work.

  • WAIT A SECOND!!! Runs in a partial vacuum but uses air casters? That sound kind of inefficient, if not just plain ineffective. I declare myself skeptical. Also, use the fucking metric system for God's sake, only 3 (retarded) countries use imperial.

  • Err there is a far bigger problem if a vaccum tube like that gets a bump the slightest dent and the entire tube will implode. To tell the truth of it taking that sort of risk to go only 1200 km/h like that is actually really stupid. The world record speed for a normal maglev is already 603 km/h and there is nothing fundamental stopping them operating at up to 1000 km/h without the bomb waiting to happen that is the vaccum tube bear in mind here that commercial planes have an average ground speed of 800-850 km/h. Ironically despite the air resistance they are still way more energy efficient than planes even at that speed, not having to actually carry fuel or even an engine is a massive efficiency gain.

    I find it funny that someone like Musk is really so far out of touch to even propose this for such a low speed transport since decades earlier the same idea of vaccum maglevs was theorised though not for anything like that slow more like 4000 km/h (ie literally near the top end of the muzzle velocity on a high velocity rifle). Pretty much one of the biggest reasons for nobody touching such things with a barge pole is that they are mostly only suited to cargo as humans are kinda fleshy and fragile to the slightest bend at such speeds and there is essentially no point in using a vaccum tube for slower maglevs since it's not needed and guarantees that the first time a truck or earthquake or even a large car strikes the tube everyone on board any vehicle inside it dies.

  • Don't do this. I saw this 10 years ago on Discovery channel nothing new about it MAGLEV was build by Germans…. 1968/1970  The thing needs to travel in a vaccum. It will reach speeds up to 2000 mph. The maglev was first tried in New York 1913 The "idea" Elon Musk has is so old probably another name he bought cheap then makes it look like it's something new nothing but lies ( it's what he does best ) that it's all sustainable energy all the electricity that comes out off the wall is the same for all of us businesses invest in the green part. guess where Elon Musk invested…….  There was a time everything that had Turbo written on it sold these days it's TESLA. I ll have it tattooed on my dick and tell you the outcome in 3 weeks after i told a few bimbo's what's on there. Needs to be environmentally friendly ink though. Shooting that Elon musk between the eyes sounds great actually but we don't even more can't do that though since lead is really unhealthy.

  • Dude thunderfoot mentioned something about even 1 puncture or rapture in the loop can cause a catastrophic disaster. So like this is a terrorist magnet waiting to happen. It's bad enough we had choices of complete morons for president. Rather not have a ticking timebomb that loops around the U.S.

  • Assuming they can actually make it work with our current technology. No way this will get approved as passenger transport. Maybe to use it to ship goods across the country. You want your order delivered within few hour across the country? No problem just pay (insert insane amount) to have it hyperloop to you.

  • So if you put a little windmill infront of the Hyperloop "Train" that is going at 700+ MPH (which is powered by Solar Panels) can you create a loophole in creating energy?

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