Is Your Internet FAST Enough?

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How much internet speed do you really need?

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35 thoughts on “Is Your Internet FAST Enough?

  • There are still large parts of the US that have no internet options. Im in California and id bet that over 40% of my county has no internet or cell phone coverage at all.

  • My internet is very weird, I have an $80aud a month plan which I believe should be getting me around 25-30 mbps (It's not fibre and $80 a month is not that much in AUS). But instead I get a steady 80mbps (or 10-11MBps) and my upload speed sits at 1mbps. So I have really good download speed and crap upload, I must be close to the server or something.

  • The internet I pay for is not bad. The only thing that ticks me is that I pay for 150 download and 6 up. Get this. 6 up is the highest upload I can hey on cable. If I want anything higher I would need to switch to their 2 gigabit up and download tier for $400 a month. Comcast…… I hate them

  • I have 200 Mbit's 🔽 20 Mbit's 🔼, and i get 216 Mbit's 🔽 22🔼 10 ms Ping. For 42,90€. Liwest is number 1 at the ISP Index in Austria.

  • You don't need a very fast connection to watch HD videos, I use to watch 1080p 60fps Youtube videos just fine on my old 5mbps connection. As for gaming, on PUBG my down is often 4kBps and up 7kBps, so 4+7= 11kBps = 88kbps, so 0.1mbps is enough……until there is an update 🙂

  • Nice video… Linus is almost right, i cannot use all bandwidth i have 😉 But to have more than you need is the key ! Now i have total of 22 Gbit/s, and because i am not able to use them all, i give some gigabits to my friends in the neighborhood 🙂
    Also we can cooperate to spread expenses to couple of people so everyone can have fast internet for less 😉

  • I think this video would be better with coverage of how much you would need in a home with a load of smart home stuff and tvs with Chromecast and a couple computers and a laptop. Like a family of 4 needs.

  • Do you realise you need to download games too? Completely skipped that. Gaming require fast speeds and huge data caps. Misleading video.

  • Yeah most ISPs will say you need like 50 megabit internet for "gaming" lol… how lame is that. I remember 5 of us back in the day playing world of warcraft, just fine, no lag or weird issues, on a 128K DSL connection lol. It's mostly about latency and packet loss… if your ping is nice and low and you have 0% packet loss… games are going to run fine on 1 meg internet or higher in most cases… anything your ISP says otherwise is nonsense upselling BS. That being said, it's very nice to have more bandwidth. If it's available I'd recommend 20 megabit or more for people who like to game. And most areas have that now days. Here in the Tulsa, OK are we have gigabit fiber available now but I'm still running 100 megabit cable (but it tests at 170-ish)

  • I use a fairly good 100MbpsDOWN/50MbpsUP and I'm happy. As a developer on AI field, sometimes you need some "Internet Power", but not always.
    Might be moving at the end of the year somewhere I can use the best ISP of my country, I might still happy.

  • No it's not. Why? Because Spectrum Cable is garbage and the CEOs are human trash who don't give a fuck about anyone but themselves.

  • No. A fast internet connection with only a single computer in a home is important when purchasing large downloadable programs including games. When a game is 5GB and updates are another 2 to 5GB I want to be playing the game, not waiting for hours with a slow connection.

  • What about uploading multi-hour 1440p videos to Youtube? Oh wait, Youtube would probably take longer to encode VP9 longer than me getting the video uploaded. I may have to keep my future powerhouse PCs awake or sleep for days before Youtube's done processing 1440p.

  • This video was good for gamers and tech guys, but I would have liked to see it aimed more at the average homeowner who has choices to make.
    My apologies if he did and I missed it. For a couple of minutes, all I heard was blah, blah, blah.

  • Ph-dsh YO WHACHOO TALKIN BOUT (Orange's phrase)!!! I used to watch videos in 360p with the Inspsiron 1300 and now 480p with my recent Satellite L305-S5955. So yeah my PC can't play anything above 720p30fps.

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