ECC Memory As Fast As Possible

Error-correcting memory is a popular choice when you simply can’t tolerate any kind of error or data loss. How does it work?

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28 thoughts on “ECC Memory As Fast As Possible

  • Ok if you are confused here you go.

    Ecc memory hold a separate amount of data that is identical to the orignal one. As the memory does its job as “short term memory”, it compares the identical one to the orignal one. And if it some how gets switched around the ecc memory will quickly compare and fix it back to its original state. For example.

    Original bits (before being processed)


    Identical copy

    Original bits (after being processed)

    Ecc memory compares with identical memory

    001001001 = *1*01001001
    Identical Orignal after ________________processed

    Quickly withing .5 sec, it switches it back

    001001001 = 001001001
    Identical. Orignal after ________________processed and —————————-scanned.

    Thats how it works.

  • Friend: lol wtf dude ur ram is just simple green ram sticks cmon lol
    Me: yeah right but does your ram cost $500 a piece?
    Friend: no but atleast mine has some dank af rgb and eye catching heatsink
    Me: lets do some 24/7 cloud computing 😉
    Friend left

  • I have a Macbook Pro with intel i7 chip for video editing for simple 1080p projects. Sometimes, there are corruption or damaged files with FCP. I think that happens because this intel chip has no ECC. In 2002, I withdrew just one $100 dollars from my account balance of $1,100 at the Bank of America ATM machine. It printed $999 on the receipt of my remaining balance instead of $1,000. I called Bank of America and asked "Why one dollar was missing?" and they told me it was computer glitch. It sometimes happens to computers without ECC (Error-correcting code memory).

  • So if im a musician and a run a pc on stage it will be more realiable with ecc memory or while im recording i wont't have a risk of my system failing? Make a video for the best Audio Pc, considering rendering quality and time, audio latency and load many audio samples on a DAW like Pro Tools. logic, etc.

  • On 1 of my computers i got pony gaming memory 1866hz and it got ecc I disabled it in the bios why will they're putting ecc on gaming memory and I paid $180.00 4×4 16gb pony gaming cas 11 or 9 can't remember right now.i got ripped off.

  • If I used ECC instead of non-ECC then does it affect gaming if both have the same frequency? From where I live, ECC is cheap compared to the other.

  • When I build my last pc for gaming I got pny 1866hz 4×4 16gb gaming memory ecc I just went to my bios and turn it off for gaming I noticed the it was ecc to late but I realy don't see less performance. On or off .And yes it was expensive $180.00 ddr3 1866hz 4×4 pny gaming memory ,why will not put gaming on it thats why the name gaming is just a scam I felt so stupid when I notice it was ecc.

  • Blue screen of death. Something that is also a result of lazy programming esp. prevalent in the Windows OS. Really frustrating and also more than just annoying for the normal user. I am not of a fan of how Apple operates, I am not a fanboy. However, the Apple OS which is based on Unix/Linux is inherently much more stable. In 7 years of using my now rather old MacBook I only had one catastrophic failure. I also use Windows on another machine and crashes/hang-ups/driver issues and so on occur on a regular basis, including on the machine I am forced to use at the office (another cheap Dell)

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