Hard Drives Are NOT All The Same

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There’s a lot more that separates different hard drives than how much they hold…

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48 thoughts on “Hard Drives Are NOT All The Same

  • I disagree with your statement that you don't need anything more then a consumer drive. I have worked as a SI for almost 2 decades and about 6-8 or so years ago the fail rates of consumer drives started to become staggering. As a result we have completely stripped out all consumer drives from our products. We don't even sell them on request. You want to buy crap go buy it somewhere else. We primary use WD gold (sometimes WD Black) and if the client wants to save a few buck we will go down to a with Hitachi Deskstar NAS and the buck the stops there. Not one failure since we did this move in almost 6 years where where before WD blue, seagate barracuda, etc would fail pretty often. Using enterprise class storage gives an unbelievable amount of reliability as well as the 3-5 year warranty which in turn translates to peace of mind for the client and less head aches for me. All this to say I'm done with all consumer hardware, every year they find a way top make it more garbage.

  • What hard drives will be good for dusty and polluted environments (high particulate matter count)? None of my hard drives lasted more than two years. I reasoned that it must be due to the polluted city I live in. So I saved money and bought a small SSD in 2013. Still working flawlessly after 6 years. But I need a large data storage drive, at least 2TB. Don't have money for 2TB SSD. So what would be your suggestion for a dust resistant hard drive.

  • I just want to know why we have stayed at 1-2 terabyte drives for like the past 10 years. No increase in HD size and no drop in price. SOmething fishy is going on, should we not have seen advancement in this area?!?

  • How do I plug an infected HDD into my actual computer to clean it and use it as storage when its … infected , will it spread trought my pc ?!

  • great video! Does anyone know where I can get a opaque or clear top spinning hard disk drive? I am on the search and I really would not like to make my own. Thanks for your help if you have any advice to give.

  • It seemed like he glanced over the drives that everyone was interested in, like what about cache storage, and what RPM would you suggest for gaming

  • You Guys should do one on LAN Transferee speeds! Like about why my "Gigabit Ethernet" only runs at 100MBPs when transferring a file from a local server. and why this is expected behavior. might also help people understand why you need 10G in your office.

  • i just bought a toshiba 6tb x300.. came out to 22$ per TB.. i ordered a 1300$ cyberpower pc and they wouldn't give me a straight answer on what default hdd's go in their builds.. i did some research and the spec sheet indicates an older/ heavier seagate or an outdated data sheet.. i have a predator g with a seagate from 2012 and it is just now showing signs of wear, but there is a lot of junk on my computer… Hard Drives are not a Boring issue, especially after spending 1k +$ on a system and then having the cheapest hdd on the rack thrown in or OverPaying just for a WD… it's a damn shame because no one is going to spend 1k$ on a system and then AnotheR 1k$ for ssd storage, sorry, we just aren't there yet… lastly, in 2019 we shouldn't have the standard and the performance version of HDD's, is it marketing? they do bench quicker than the non pro seagates or the WD blue, but why!? is it the cache, the firmware!? and does it even matter on a newer system, does having the OS on your nvme make having a sshd completely pointless?! i think there have been videos on this but they are outdated, i wish someone would cover all the variables.. it wouldn't come out to an "it depends" answer or "well if you want huge storage" because the larger hdd's have more cache.. oh and i didn't even mention optane zzz.. also raid sounds a bit convoluted for someone like me.. that two arm seagate at ces doesn't seem it will be a standard thing after pricing and 40k sh–post reviews arguing over noise or longevity.. anyway, rant over.. HDD are not boring, but it's like buying tires on a car, mostly everyone just buys the 90$ all season goodyear and calls it a f'n day

  • Spinning disks are actually really good at 24/7 workloads. Similar to falling from a skyscraper, it's not the spinning that wears it down, but on/off cycles. That's why most hard drive failures in datacenters (and home PCs) occur during hardware changes or reboots.

  • if you get a larger hard drive and partition it – if you use the first partition it will be the fastest part of the disc and have lower seek times and you have a sustain high reads and lower seek times

    and you can use the "slower" part for data that is not needed to be have high read speeds

  • While I understand this was about giving a small amount of information in a relatively short amount of time I think it could have been useful to go into a little more depth especially on the consumer end of drives. I don't believe you mentioned the SSHD drives from Seagate and does it make any difference when you compare it to a Western Digital Black. I guess the other thing you missed is that the higher the density of the data on the platter there is a small performance difference as the head can read the data faster. It would be nice if you did a follow up on this with some graphs comparing the different options to show if even getting a Black or FireCUDA are worth paying for.

  • Another difference between NAS and Enterprise drive versus desktop drives is that in a read error the Enterprise drives give up trying to read the sector faster than the desktop drive will. The is because the manufacturer shines the Enterprise drive are probably in RAID, and have external error correcting, whereas a desktop typically will not.

  • For I think most people, it does only come down to performance, capacity, and price.
    Which is unfortunate because manufacturer ethics should be just as important, if not more.

  • Linus, I have a technical question that I couldn't find an answear even by searching in official papers: how would ternary/trinary storage be like?

  • No mention of how different cache sizes affect HDD performance? I'm disappointed, Linus.

    Otherwise, this was a great video and taught me a thing or two about the different models of HDD. Thanks!

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  • What's the difference between regular old system hard drives and hard drives in expansion storage that tend to be cheaper (even if the capacity and manufacturer are the same)?

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