15 Best Farming Games like Harvest Moon (2017)

Harvest Moon was the best farming game on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It’s still considered one of the best farming simulation games and most of its sequels have also received great reviews and praise from gamers all around the globe. However, you can only play so much of Harvest Moon. There are always times when you feel bored of a certain game and require a new game or series to refresh your play style. Well, you are in luck because if you have been looking for games like Harvest Moon then we’ve got you covered from head to toe. Check out the 15 amazing games like Harvest Moon below and choose the one that attracts you the most:

The Best Farming Games Similar to Harvest Moon

1. Stardew Valley

If there’s any game that comes close to Harvest Moon in terms of gameplay and graphics then it’s definitely Stardew Valley. This popular indie hit actually takes the Harvest Moon formula to a whole new level and expands on it. The game offers an even larger world than Harvest Moon where you get to enjoy your farm life, grow crops, raise poultry, and all those farm gimmicks that you love performing. Stardew Valley is definitely considered the new Harvest Moon, or at the very least the closest thing to Harvest Moon you can get right now. So, definitely give this one a try.

Download ($14.99)

2. Voodoo Garden

This is not your average gardening or farming game where you grow fruits and veggies, instead in Voodoo Garden, you get to grow all the herbs, fruits, veggies, and shrubs that can be further used in your production of occult accessories. You also get to catch wild swamp animals that come in handy when making products for your voodoo magic. You also have the option to raise cute pets that will keep you company which can then be sacrificed to gain magical advantage, sounds fun right? This is where your average farming game meets magical enchanting. Try it out to learn some amazing voodoo magic.

Download ($2.99)

3. Plantera

Plantera is a cute gardening and farming game where you grow your fruits, trees, and raise animals at the same time. The cute graphics will definitely keep you immersed for a long time. You have to expand your garden and in doing so you will also attract these cute little helpers that will help you in planting and harvesting your crops. You can also do the harvesting and plucking yourself or you could just let your helpers do these manual things while you invest in better crops and build a better farm. Even when you quit the game, the helpers will continue to work and you will get gold when you return to the game. Try this game if you really love cute graphics.

Download ($2.99)

4. Wayward

Wayward is a lot of games mixed together. It’s like a perfect blend of Minecraft, Ultima Online, Don’t Starve, and a little bit of Harvest Moon. It’s a turn-based rogue-like survival game where you get to craft items and gather resources while focusing on the survival of your character. There are no set rules, you don’t get to choose any class, you don’t get to clear levels. Everything depends on how you play the game. Your stat gain is directly tied to the item you come in contact with. There are over 300 different items for you to craft and interact with which adds a lot of gameplay time. If you like survival mixed with crafting then Wayward is the way to go (pun intended).

Download ($7.99)

5. Terraria

Not entirely a farming simulator, but Terraria lets you build, explore, fight and dig your way through the amazing environment with beautiful retro graphics. This action-packed adventure actually lets you enjoy the resource gathering and crafting features of Minecraft mixed with some role-playing action. Terraria is all about exploring dangerous caverns laden with treasure and resources that come in handy when crafting new items for your inventory. The main focus of the game is on crafting and building while the action-adventure part comes in secondary. Terraria is a really immersive game that will suck you in with its exciting exploration based gameplay.

Download ($9.99)

6. Rune Factory 4

More like an Anime adventure game Rune Factory 4 offers farming, exploring, dungeoning, and marriage system similar to Harvest Moon. Well, Harvest Moon didn’t have any dungeon crawling or action elements in the game, but the farming and marriage parts are still pretty similar. Crafting is the main part of the Rune Factory game. The main character is able to use different items by crafting them through resources. Crafting the is key to progressing your character and its level. You also have the ability to issue orders being the prince/princess of the town. These orders can be anything ranging from hosting a Harvesting event or just a social event in your town. Rune Factory 4 is about keeping your town happy and prosperous at all times.

Download ($29.99)

7. Shepherd’s Crossing 2

Shepherd’s Crossing 2 is more like a realistic Harvest Moon with some extra unique mechanics thrown into the mix. The sequel actually fixes a lot of issues that plagued the original Shepherd’s Crossing game. The original had so many issues like trading system without cash, no storage for tools/food/crops, no partitions for your animals, and a couple more issues that actually made the game entirely frustrating to play. However, the sequel addresses all these issues and brings a more enjoyable gameplay. Now, you get all the features you wished for in the original game along with unique new features like the ability to expand your land to grow more crops and raise more animals. Shepherd’s Crossing 2 is the perfect alternative to the Harvest Moon games and definitely worth a try.

Download ($50)

8. Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is not just a mere farming simulation game instead it’s the complete life simulation package where you get to live your life the way you want. You start off as the mayor of a small town where tourists rarely come. However, it’s your job to turn your small town into a beautiful paradise that attracts all the tourists. You have the power to set rules and regulations in your town. You have the ability to create new landmarks, bridges, public centers, and other infrastructure that adds to the overall value of the town. The game offers very cute graphics and lets you manage your entire town as you see fit. Invite your friends over to your town in the multiplayer mode and have fun showing off your cool town.

Download ($19.99)

9. Miramagia

Miramagia is an online game that combines the goodness of farming with some special arcane magic to create a whole new gameplay style that you may have never experienced before anywhere. This is a fantasy MMORPG where you actually get to grow crops and raise dragons at the same time, if that’s not cool then we don’t know what is. Choose one of the provided classes which include Mage, Rogue, Shaman, and Druid. Grow your farm and learn some cool magic tricks. You can also raise dragons instead of farm animals.

Gather your friends and family to come and join you in building your town and turning it into the most beautiful town in the entire Miramagia world.

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10. Wild Season

Wild Season is a story-driven farming game that will remind you of Harvest Moon with its retro graphics and similar gameplay style. You are a young farmer who ends up buying a whole new land. After getting rid of all the trash, boulders, and logs on your land, you prep it for growing some serious crops. The story in the game is really immersive and will keep you hooked for hours. If you are actually looking for some extra depth to the game with a decent storyline then Wild Season is the perfect game for you. Also, it offers a great farming experience that matches that of Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley in terms of gameplay. So, you will love it for the farming and the interesting story.

Download ($16.99)

11. Funky Barn

Funky Barn Is a farming game for both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS with a similar experience on both platforms. If you are looking for a funky game (pun intended) then this is the game for you. The game offers whacky contraptions and geeky gizmos for you to use. You also get hands-on with your animals and have fun while farming on your whacky farm. The game is not as serious as some other farming simulators out there, but Funky Barn is a lighthearted take on the farming genre and allows you to have fun while farming or growing crops as well as raising cute goofy animals. It’s often quite funny to throw your sheep in the shaving machines and have them come out completely shaved at the other end. This type of whacky stuff makes Funky Barn a goofy little take on the farming scene.

Download ($19.99)

12. Farm Up

Farm Up is a really fun farming game that is available on multiple platforms including smartphones. The main objective of the game is to keep a steady flow of cash coming in through your crops and animals. You need to allocate your resources wisely because there’s a limited number of energy you can use every day for different tasks which include sowing, farming and everything. You level up during your gameplay and each level comes with extra gold and silver earning potential. If you don’t like microtransactions then you can actually avoid them by playing a bit carefully and planning each thing wisely. Otherwise, you might have to pay or wait for your energy to refill. Farm Up is a great casual farming game which has a long replayability and easy to get into for everyone out there.

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13. Hay Day

Hay Day is a mobile farming game that shares a lot of similarities to the popular FarmVille game. The game starts with your (player’s) old uncle being unable to take care of his farm and gives it to you so you can take better care of it and help make it the best farm in the world. After a short and sweet tutorial, you get to the farming. Harvesting wheat, build your dock for fishing, trade goods with your neighbors, and sell your good at your very own roadside shop. You can even build your very own town and invite others to visit you. Hay Day is all about managing your inventory. It’s a farming game at heart, but the main focus is selling your stuff via trucks, boats, and shops which adds a whole new dimension of gameplay. If you are looking for a quick farming fix then Hay Day is the perfect game for you.

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14. World’s Dawn

If you have always wanted to live in a seaside village where you grow your own food and live a peaceful life surrounded by natural beauty then World’s Dawn is the game you want because it offers all that in a single game. You can choose to do your own work as you please. You can either become a full-time farmer and tend to your crops and food, or you can just raise animals. Apart from that, you could also go hunting for some romantic relationships. There are a lot of townsfolk around you that make the social interactions even more exciting. World’s Dawn is the perfect alternative to Harvest Moon that adds some extra features to make it even more immersive.

Download ($9.99)

15. Don’t Starve

Don’t’ Starve is an exciting action-adventure game where the sole purpose for you is to survive in the face of evil monsters and wilderness. Go around exploring the dark environment, gather useful resources to craft items, and develop structures to keep you safe from the evil monsters. This game is all about surviving. You have to do everything in your power to survive in these conditions. Hunt monsters, research/craft new weapons and items, and farm to stay alive. Also, don’t let your guard down because the dark forces will take your life if you just let it down for a moment. It’s all about staying vigilant and surviving in this amazing yet dark game.

Download ($14.99)

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Try out the best games like Harvest Moon

Well, those were some of the best games to get your farming fix. If you have been looking for new games or even old ones that are similar to Harvest Moon then these games should definitely fit the bill. If you think we have missed any of your favorite farming games then feel free to mention them in the comments section below.

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