Why Websites Load SLOWLY – Even With FAST Internet

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How come many websites don’t load quickly even if you have a fast connection?

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30 thoughts on “Why Websites Load SLOWLY – Even With FAST Internet

  • I know a server admin for a large network. He said that originally, they had slower servers which they thought were sufficient, but they took something over a full second or two before they were finished sending you a page. Users complained a lot about the speed.
    So they worked on it and ultimately didn't improve by much. Just a few hundred miliseconds.
    But the complaints about the speed stopped overnight.

  • And let's not forget Comcast / Xfinity constantly screwing with the bandwith. Sometimes I get less than 1 mbps when I do a google speed test. Videos on Netflix play in very low quality. Then I turn on my VPN and I magically get the 18 mbps that I'm paying for. Happens over and over. I am so tired of Comcast.

  • Performance Engineer here. Fellow Software Devs, when creating your web apps remember that JS is single threaded. Lazy load your scripts in importance order. You wanna be interactive within 3 seconds, HTML loads quickly, JS takes processing time

  • Me looked at ping stat on PUBG : (discord to my teammates) 80ms? No way, no wonder I feel super smooth… oh yea baby…
    3:30 James: Ping higher than 50ms can cause lagged in many games…
    Me: 😰😰😰

  • ping is 32-40Ms in Leb, online gaming is a breeze, even if raw speeds aren't great but more than adequate, and with fiber soon, just hope ping won't surpass the 60Ms bar

  • Using Tor Browser Bundle and setting it to be quite strict, you get much less junk on your browser even if you do simply have to get used to a slightly longer initial fetch time as your packets go through the onion network

  • one can also just write their site without JS and if it's just a basic info site it wouldnt need to be bigger than 200KB plus maybe some images

  • There is so much wrong with this
    > Latency's impact is going down the drain with modern hosting solutions. Cloudfront alone handles the majority of popular websites, which means that in your everyday browsing you're not gonna talk to servers in another continent to download static files. Less big APIs can be hosted in another continent, I'll give you that.
    > Ping is the least of your problems when it comes to HTTP requests. Modern websites easily parallelize most requests (expecially initial ones) so, if ping was the main problem, even someone with 600ms would have page loading within 1 second, which is not the case.
    > Big websites don't usually run into CPU bound calculations that slow the page down. Heavily animated websites, web apps (like photo editors, format converters or games) and small startups are the main causes when it comes to lack of care for minimal DOM manipulation.

  • I give up after 10 secs loading time. I'm really glad I don't live in a mountainous region, not only because I hate going up mountains but also because in mountainous areas in my country, you are glad when you even get a cellular internet connection and you're super glad if you can actually load a website as otherwise it'll straight up refuse because of the slow connection. I'm seriously glad about my 12 mbps.

  • So basically ADs are the reason that pages load slowly. I use an ad blocker, that's why I don't have that problem.

    Or maybe it's my gigabit internet.

  • Web developers in 2019: Hold my craft beer while I add 1000 JavaScript frameworks and their dependencies.

    A lot of delay is use of synchronous code.

  • No worries… Custom plugin for web browser that is reading all major frameworks from my local "mirror" server instead from location that some "webmaster" provided. You just can't trust "webmasters" after Skillshare-like or YT-like "universities" to write efficient code.

  • Fuck google's amp. It's so counter productive. Amp just adds a bunch of scripts which slow websites down further. Cloudflare is decent tho

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