Gaming Headsets vs. Headphones As Fast As Possible

Should you go with the all-in-one convenience of a gaming headset, or a separate headphone and microphone setup?

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37 thoughts on “Gaming Headsets vs. Headphones As Fast As Possible

  • My headphones has 3.5mm jack to connect it to my phonr, but also, it has USB, that I can connect to my PC, and controll volume of my PC and microphone, and I have 7.1 surround sound, I can connect any type of 3.5 mm jack to it

  • I love my gaming headset… 40mm Audio drivers with virtual sourround sound perfect for gaming, presets for music and movies in the software included and a microphone which is better than an Auna mic 900b.. I love it… It has nothing negative just positive and sounds perfect… My father (audiophile Person) even said it surprised him

  • 9/10 times, gamers hate the ''gamer aesthetic'' besides some love for certain RGB functionality for some people lmao ;p It's funny how some companies still go for ''hyper-XTREME-AWZUM'' looks when most people over 14 are like ''ehh.. I like some lights on my keyboard and mouse perhaps but… other than that, make it low-key and effective, that's all I need''. Just got a Sennheiser GSP 300. Sumbish is ugly as hell on my alien-type head, but it's pretty good for what it cost me. Even the mic is more than decent compared to well… anything but the most expensive Astro all-in-one headsets.

  • Well, i own both Beats by dr.dre and razer kraken pro 7.1 v2 and believe it or not, Beats sound EXACTLY as Razer kraken, krakens’ have an amazing mic, an usb input and they are a lot comfier with the oval shaped cushions. and they cost practiclly the same amount of money. Oh and that sweet sweet R G B.

  • I use a shure sm57 mic, very directional so picks up what I want and not a lot else. Good quality SE425 headphones. When not using headphones, I have speakers; most of the time actually. A set of klipsch speakers, they sound great.
    I bought a cheap headset to use with my laptop, they suck but they were cheap and work. Are they anywhere near as good as a separate mic and quality speakers/ headphones. Of course not.
    I've tried these multi driver cans with 5.1 or some nonsense, they don't give you surround. It's a gimmick, just get good cans, 1 for each ear.
    I have dedicated soundcards too. Most modern motherboards are good but there is room for improvement. I run a DAW and have an asus essence card in my gaming PC.
    So, make your choice, just try to be nice to your ears too.

  • i am studying sound engineering and sound design and i can tell you that those "7.1" headset (as 99% are only virtuial 7.1 and in fact normal 2 channeled stereo headphones) are a complete rip off and theres no sound illusion of direction you cant do with a normal headphone if you do it right. Actually in my expirience normal headphones do sound strange as they are adding a fake reverb to the whole thing what can sound terrible and bathroom like as they are trying to simulate binaural hearing….. which you dont have to simulate if you just use REAL binaural sound techniques…
    Like here: were you cant tell me that this doesnt sound like a REAL surround expirience where you can not only tell if somethings left right front or back but even above, below, close or far away….. you will even have a better sound expirience WITHOUT 7.1 in this video as they will change/distort the original sound as said before by trying to simulate something thats already there, so with games to that already really good you will only make you expirience worse

    What i also immediately disliked about those 7.1 headphones is that it doesnt recognise if your ingame in a room or outside which makes a huge difference! As when you are in a room you hear the reflections of the sound coming back from the walls etc. thats how you can determine if a room is big or small or even if hes made of soft or hard material with your eyes closed. and thats exactly the same thing what people do when trying to to let something sound in a specific enviroment: they simulate the reflections by repeating REALLY fast those soundsignals while they get more quiet as the soundwaves get absorbed slowly (matter of ms) and like this u can for example imitate the sound of being in a cave or a bathroom etc.
    the 7.1 are trying to virtually simulate the time sound needs to get from one ear to another by creating a second exact same sound on your other ear just a little bit later to simulate the direction and sometimes makes a good job but mostly ends up in sounding like a reverb effect instead. (here you can see what reverb really is) and the problem with that is that for example when i play witcher 3 and walk around outside while the winds howling then it will always sound like in some sort of room which is horrible to me.>

    So just use normal headphones theyll do the job with binaural sound just perfect 🙂

    The whole "magic" about that binaural sound is that your ears tell the direction by the time passes, between the sound hitting your first and then your second ear (for example if the sound comes from your right then your ears and brain can recognize that the sound impacted first in your right and then your left ear, so it must come from the right side, while in games, movies etc this effect is mostly tried to be faked by just making the side that is supposed to be closer to where sound comes from louder than the other side) so they are using 2 micrphones seperated from each other by an average sized artificial head so you have the difference between your ears simulated and even get the sound reflections of your "head" into the sound. So do the math: 2 microphones to listen to with 2 ears….sounds 2 me just fine with 2 channels instead of 7 😉

    Sry if some things are written in a strange or chaotic/repeating way but there were many more things coming to my mind i wanted to tell while wrtiting this and i didnt know where to pack all this and its 6 am in the morning already and im really tired and i should go to sleep now haha
    But i hope this helped at least SOME people 🙂

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