Surge Protectors As Fast As Possible

Surge protectors that promise to protect your expensive equipment have been around for a long time. How well do they deliver on their claims, and what should you buy? message: Sign up for your 10-day FREE trial at


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20 thoughts on “Surge Protectors As Fast As Possible

  • Me realizing I’ve been using a power strip all this years…

    “They stole my laptop”
    “Well they stole my surge protector”
    “How does that even compare?”
    “Well Oscar, now I’ll be prone to surges”

  • Are ya sure surge suppressors don't give even some conditioning? And the name surge protectors isn't logical. It sounds like protecting surges. You want to suppress them, not protect them. OTOH, protectors is a lot easier to say.

  • My power supplies keep breaking within hours, is this apower surge or could a faulty motherboard cause them to break? Also will a surge protector stop my power supply breaking?

  • My UPS has surge protector and insurance for up to 750 000 USD and i have 3 😅
    One for the display.
    One for the computer.
    And one for the sound system.

    It is because the power goes down here in my house and the grid too often and i hate when everything goes in bluescreen or having trouble starting again

  • XBox One X power cable issue:

    "The default cable included with the console is rated at 7 amps and 125 volts, while the replacement cable is rated 10 amps and 125 volts. In other words, any cable rated 7 amps or more and at least 125 volts should fix the problem" … "Keep in mind that by using a third-party power cable, you risk voiding your warranty, so proceed at your own risk"

    Fix your Xbox One X shutting down and not turning back on issues

    Did your Xbox One X suddenly stop working? Maybe it’s a bad power cable

    Any qualified Electrical Engineer knows that the quickest way to destroy an electrical device such as an XBox or even speakers is to under power them – this is very, very bad Microsoft … basic electronics 101.

    – The default cable included with the XBX console is rated at 7 amps and 125 volts, while the Nyko cable is rated 10 amps and 125 volts but voids the warranty.

    – How on earth am I suppose to figure out if I'm getting the proper amps and volts through my XBX power cable or not and how in the world am I suppose to just "know" not to use a surge protector for the XBX to plug straight in to a wall outlet instead, especially when we get power surges fairly often?

    – Most average homes only have a certain number of outlets in each room – usually just 4 often just one on each wall in an average size bedroom so, what Microsoft/XBox is asking is just not reality and was not thought through very well.

    – What about plugging the XBX into a battery backup? We get power surges fairly often around here. What battery back up and surge protectors would be approved by Microsoft?

    – My friends' new XBX stopped working due to the power cable issue; mine still works but how am I suppose to know if it has already been damaged in some way or not due to the power requirements?

    – Microsoft says using a different power cable voids the warranty- then we need a Certified cable approved by Microsoft

    – Microsoft needs to do the right thing and do a re-call on the XBX power cord and offer a Certified 10 amp 125 volt replacement

    – Unplugging the XBox One X from a surge protector and then plugging directly into a wall outlet is NOT a solution – it is merely a temporary fix until a new XBox One X cable rated at 10 amps and 125 volts Certified and approved by Microsoft is available as a replacement. The XBox One X power supply should've included under-power protection and a longer power cord too

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