Battery Types As Fast As Possible

How do batteries work, and what are the differences between the different types of rechargeable batteries?

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45 thoughts on “Battery Types As Fast As Possible

  • So mah question is (powerbank) the lipo charges ur phone faster than the li ion and the li ion dies faster than the lipo right? If its right it i will buy for 60$ a lipo powerbank with 12000 mah with Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 with a usb c connecter + normal usb from cellularline (is that company good?)

  • 4:47 apple is looking for new type of battery

    3 years later

    nah, iphone xs or 10s still using Lithium Ion battery but with lower capacity than it's predecessor, iphone x or 10 and 7 ๐Ÿคฃ

  • Honestly you guys. The โ€˜powers that beโ€™ have batteries and have had them for years that can give everybody exactly what they want . They just choose not to. Dopes.

  • I used to play with RC electricial models and I was always sceptical about that "no memory" thing. I used whole bunch of different types of batteries, from NiCd to Li-pol. I always used hi-end, competitive chargers that allowed me to see, exactly how many amp-hours actualy "got into" my battery (it also allows for charge-discharge cycling to regenerate batteries, setting your own charging current and much more fun stuff that taught me alot about batteries and electronics in general). Let me tell you: the better you treat you batteries, the better they gonna last and perform. And it's true for all types batteries, NiMH, Li-ion, you name it. ALWAYS try to discharge and charge them fully. Also, the lower the charging current, the longer the charging (obviously), but also the charging is better and moe efficient with the lower current (more Ah go in) and it's much better for the longevity of the battery. It is reccomended, for the long service of battery, to charge it with the current of 0,1C (e.g 2Ah battery – 0,2A charging current, which gives 10h of charging). Ocasionally, if you hurry you can increase it to 1C (1h charging), but not too often. It's not reccomended to exceed 1C, ever. It's weird to me that these days companies focus so much on performance of the phones, stuff like quick charging, but not the batteries themself. Plus you cannot exchange them easily these days and chargers are crap as always, which creates nothing but problems. And it's not even that difficult to make 5000mAh batteries that are small and fit in the phone (RC people used them for years).

    Lithium polymer is nothing much different from lithium ion
    actually there is no such chemistry as lithium polymer and to make it fair all current rechargeable lithium based batteries are lithium polymer as polymer is a separator
    you have not spend even 1 day on while thing as all what I have written to just an hour to learn
    do not make people mistaken by your lack of knowledge in this subject please
    you guys are great in Computers and I like what you do, but you have tried subject which you should not have touched as you did not prepare for it and it is easy nie complicated then you may think
    proper tech quickie on batteries would definitely take longer then proper tech quickie about Linux FileSystems
    I know both subject, so I speak from knowledge stand point, not from what I think only

  • Ni-Cd are far from obsolete
    Ni-Cd provide right in spot balance of high current (Ni-MH is much worse), low self-discharge (Ni-MH is almost twice better), low maintenence (less then lead-acid and even Ni-MH), easy charging (Ni-MH is hardest one ever) and high volumetric capacity (lower then any lithium, Ni-MH but much higher then lead acid)
    there is no lift which sits in this spot

    I do not think batteries and especially rechargeable batteries are subject for tech quickie
    you may write PHD on rechargeable batteries every year for your entire life span and your grand children can pick it up and continue for another lifetime and it won't exhaust subject

  • who gave you idea of using alkaline batteries for high current devices?
    alkaline batteries are not designed for high current, but for longevity
    so you use them for remotes, which at worst would take 10mA every time you press button and batteries would die of old age not due to discharge from remote
    for high current you use heavy duty zinc-manganese batteries, which are designed for high current, but do not last long

    for high current you use Ni-Cd
    for longevity you use Ni-MH (which is huge rubbish for high current)

  • well
    you definitely did not try to recharge alkaline battery and you describe very different kind of battery as alkaline
    1. what you described is absolutely one time use and no matter what you do it cannot be recharged, unless you replace chemicals inside
    2. alone battery can be recharged and if somebody tell you otherwise then ask this person which exact product and which exact brand do this person refer to as all alkaline batteries are rechargeable (I have tried a lot of them and some hot note charge the while they were new)

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