Should You Buy or Rent Your Modem?

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Should you forget about renting a modem from your ISP and buy one instead?

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38 thoughts on “Should You Buy or Rent Your Modem?

  • si this good NETGEAR Cable Modem CM700 – Compatible with All Cable Providers Including Xfinity by Comcast, Spectrum, Cox | for Cable Plans Up to 500 Mbps | DOCSIS 3.0

    by NETGEAR just got it

  • If ya renting ya modem it is a joke, Frontier gives you it for free and not charge you to rent it and if you have the service for 1 yr you get to keep it!!

  • πŸ‘Thanks, I guess… I feel better about buying the Netgear Orbi, but I'm not sure why. If I have my ISPs fastest throughput or speed, does the Orbi make uploading content or downloading stuff any faster? Or does net neutrality negate the reason why I bought the Orbi?

  • What if you live in an area where the only available internet speed is 12 mbps (via DSL – 1 yr contract) or 15 mbps (via cable – 2 yr contract where the prices double in the 2nd yr)? You also rebt an old house built before the Rural Electrification Act and are unsure of how long you're going to live there because you have no idea what you're going to do after you graduate from college? Furthermore, you have no idea if you'll even stay in the same state (and thus have the same ISP options) after you graduate?

    $5 for a modem that delivers 40 mbps? Sounds like a great deal to me – my current available internet speed is not going to have a single problem with it.

  • I use Spectrum and they use different modem companies. The only reason i know this is because i have had them 4 times and the last time they used an ARRIS modem which was terrible in my old house because it would'nt cover most of the house's area. This time they used their own brand modem.

  • After upgrading our internet package with our ISP we tried to tell them we didn't want to pay monthly for a router. They told us it was part of the package (wasn't mentioned initially when we asked). They back charged us the router fee for the previous month and the next month even though they haven't even sent us the router we don't have nor want.

  • My cable provider don't even have list approved modems you can buy . But my current modem has 4 port hub and wifi and phone. Since we have phone threw our cable . I don't think you can buy a modem they support phone too . Wifi bulit on to modem brodcasf but it lot of time has no internet . So we got wireless router it does wireless n and 5ghz wireless ac

  • One advantage to renting is if something goes wrong with it, most likely the ISP will just exchange it without charge. If you own yours and something goes wrong, you might be on the hook to buy a new one. Just like everything, there is good points like saving the modem rental fee and bad points.

  • I'm not sure off hand but I think I have a surfboard 6180 and an Asus router from around same time frame I'm guessing like n66u? Can't check atm.

    Do I need to upgrade and what improvements will I have? What model to buy or rent for comcast xfinity?

  • The onlything i hate about my aftermarket cablemodem is comcast calling me up and telling me i could have better preformance with their rental than my comcast aproved docsis 3 modem. Just add it to the list. I also didn't get a bundle so i only pay for internet at the speed i want and i can change that for the next month. But i must be stupid i could save $8 a month get cable and telephone and only have a slight hit in speed. For 2 years. On contract. Then my bill skyrockets. No thanks.

  • Yeah not even an option for many nations. The ISP demand that you use their devices and they do not have purchasing programs, its all rental.

  • I've been with AT&T for the past 6 years, use their modem because it works and has wi-fi built in. In that whole 6 years they have had maybe 2 or 3 outages. Compare that to Comcast who I was usually on the phone with once or twice a month because the internet was down, I had my own equipment with them. I don't really care that AT&T charges me an extra $7 a month for a modem, because their shit simply works and saves me time/frustration from having to deal with Satan's minions over at Comcast.

  • I just have the free modem from the ISP, but I will have to give it back if I decide to switch to an other ISP. And the modem is great!
    The WiFi not so much, but they called like a year ago to ask how our WiFi was. We said it wasn't really good so they came by to install a WiFi extender upstairs and pull the cable FOR FREE!

  • The problem is that many cable companies try to make it difficult for you if you use your own modem. They are slow to respond to customer service requests or they limit "compatibility" to certain models which can be expensive. Any time there is an issue, they will blame your modem for it. Lease fees are a part of their profits.

    Mine is only $5 per month which is not bad. My main concern is that I don't like them having any access to my LAN. Therefore I put my own Mikrotik router behind their router. I also obtained the root password to their router and cloned the MAC. I also turned of their wireless services.

    They like to watch your traffic as well, so I have a special purpose VPN, a foreign server I pay for $5 a month with a 2GB pipe, sFTP, and more.

  • Depends on how much a teckie you are. If you own the modem/router your responsible for setting it up and maintaining it. If you buy it it's your job to keep it working.

  • I foolishly rented when I first began using internet. The cheap modems would regularly go bad about every two months so I finally bought one and its been working for 5 years.

  • In our neighborhood, we tried different modems and none of them work 100%, our provider is Xfinity(comcast), so we ended up renting the modem from them. The one we bought kept disconnecting or had such slow speeds compare to what we were paying for. I do not know if it was Comcast doing it or what.

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