Pixelbook 2 May Ship With Old Core i5, i7 Processors From the 2018 Pixel Slate

Google’s upcoming Pixelbook successor, tentatively named the Pixelbook 2, may ship with the exact same Intel processors as last year’s Pixel Slate devices, if newly spotted Geekbench listings are anything to go by. The device, listed as ‘Google Atlas’ on the Geekbench database, is being rumored to be eventually marketed as Google’s next-gen Chromebook laptop.

As discovered by 9to5Google, the Google Atlas has been benchmarked at least seven times on Geekbench recently, revealing that it might be offered with at least two different processor options – an Intel Core i5-8200Y processor (image above) and an Intel Core i7-8500Y (image below). Those are the same dual-core, quad-threaded chips found in the 2018 Pixel Slate tablets, clocked at the same 3.9GHz and 4.2GHz frequencies, respectively.

In spite of using similar hardware, the Core i5-powered Pixelbook 2 still seemingly manages to score significantly higher on Geekbench than its Pixel Slate counterpart from last year, seemingly because it comes with 16GB of RAM instead of the 8GB found on the Slate. As for the Core-i7 device, its scores are similar to that of the 2018 Pixel Slate, which isn’t entirely unexpected, given that alongside the same chips, they also carry the exact same amount of RAM – 16GB.

It’s worth noting here that earlier additions to the Chromium Gerrit had suggested that Google was working on Chromebooks powered by AMD’s Ryzen chips, but the latest developments now appear to have laid those speculations to rest; at least, for now. That being said, it’s still possible that the company will release cheaper, Ryzen-powered models in the future, although, I wouldn’t be holding my breath for it.

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