How Do Quiet PCs Work?

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How do cases marketed as “quiet” or “silent” cut down on noise, and what can you do to make your own rig quieter?

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20 thoughts on “How Do Quiet PCs Work?

  • I have a Bequiet! 801 (same kind as the one you showed but with different feet) and it's so good, it's so quiet that I thought my computer was off for a split second when entering my room
    All of my hardware is also really quiet which really helps as the case isn't magic
    At full load my computer is half as loud as my last computer on idle (mainly the shitty case and fans), actually at full load the pure wings 2 make a surprisingly nice noise

  • If you want more quiet, just don't fucking use a PC case, your temps will drop instantly by 10-15C which means you can set your fans to much slower speeds. Or just fucking buy a Nofan-CR95C and slap it on your CPU and you won't need fans. For GPU, if it's gtx1060 or lower, you can buy passive heatsinks as well. Replace HDDs with SSDs which make no noise. Buy a PSU with no fans. And you'll have a 0dBA PC just like I do.

  • Why do most cases these days have their audio/USB port, power and reset button located at the top panel facing upwards? Wouldn't that make the ports and buttons prone to dust and other particles?

  • I have a CoolerMaster Stormtrooper case, with an air cooled CPU inside (Noctua NH-D15) I even installed an extra hard drive bay to get a third front fan (so I can light up the whole front panel, not just the 2/3 as of the default config)
    Needles to say, they can produce noise. But I don't mind. Even if I'm not using headphones, they aren't disturbing at all. And oh god how I love when I'm doing something resource intensive and the CPU fan or the fans on my GPU. 2K 60fps gaming on max settings. Or running simulations / renders in a CAD software. That's the stuff, it's like YEAH BABY, SMASH IT! Like giving full throttle on a sports car. I also kind of proud of my setup and of myself that I could afford it, and the beefy overclock I managed to build up. 🙂
    And the best thing is, If I wanted to, I could easily set the BEAST to low noise mode – with minimal case CPU fan speeds, and completely stopped GPU fans, the rig produces so little noise that I have to actively listen for it to perceive.

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