This Chrome Extension Brings a Control Center for All Your Tabs

If your workflow involves opening a lot of tabs in your web browser, be it for referencing multiple sources, checking various websites, or just you’re used to browsing with multiple tabs open, you would have noticed the enormous number of tabs after completing the task. At times, keeping so many tabs opened can lead to performance issues in your PC which is why it is recommended to close tabs after usage. To close the tabs you no longer need, there is a Chrome extension name CloseMyTabs that shows you all your tabs based on the time you last accessed them, and efficiently close tabs.

In addition to closing tabs, the extension provides various features to facilitate a smooth multitasking experience in the web browser. You can view all the tabs by clicking the icon of the extension found in the top right corner. There is also a tab counter to know the number of active tabs in the browser which is something most of the web browsers don’t provide. To quickly find a tab, you can use the search bar provided in the extension by entering the title or keywords related to the tab. A favicon of the website is also shown to the left of the tab for faster identification.

The feature I personally like the most is the support for multiple windows. The extension will list all the tabs including the window in the background (if you have any) which will make it easy to switch between tabs. Take a look at the demo video below to watch Closemytabs in action.

So, what do you think of Closemytabs? Check out the extension from the link given below and share your views in the comments below.

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