Dude, Where's My Electric Car?

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Why aren’t electric cars more common?

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39 thoughts on “Dude, Where's My Electric Car?

  • Linus new gaming consoles as fast as possible Xbox vs PlayStation, apparently they'll have 4k 120 hz support will that bring in more affordable monitors in the spec range? Cheers!

  • You say charging an electric car takes longer than fill up a normal car with gas. That is true but doesn't really matter. You plug-in your car in your garage and charge it over night. Otherwise public charging stations are conveniently located at shopping malls and other places where people go after their business. They don't wait next to the charger until the car is fully charged. Thus plugging in an EV takes only seconds.

  • Banning cars is ridiculous. Governments get way too involved in everything. This would be consumer lead. I don't need a government to tell me I need an electric car. Governments should worry more about the massive amounts of debt they have.

  • Disappointing he doesn't mention the only real issue with EVs on the long run, power generation.

    Even with our ever growing renewable energy system, truth is that most of the world still runs on fossil fuels and will be running on them for a long time, at least until we can figure out how to store excess energy from renewables.

    Since it's always more efficient to simply burn a fossil fuel source directly inside an ICE than to burn it first in a power plant and then use the electricity in an EV, if we all swapped to EVs tomorrow, the world would be facing an unprecedented energy crisis.

  • Banning gasoline cars is the worst way to get people to buy evs it will most likely cause more jobless since many people depend on their car which they still can afford on low income but when they suddenly have to buy a ev it doesn't work that way

  • One huge point you guys missed is maintaining electric cars, most auto mechanics have very little if no expearience with an electric engine and will refuese to work on all electric vehiciale. Leading most people to only be able to take there vehicle to the orginal dealership where you will pay the higher dealership tax, making an eletric vehcical not feasible for most people expeacily if you do your own maintance

  • At my town the number of electric vehicles is steadily growing!
    There's not a day where a EV doesn't pass by me.

  • 5:20 Additionally, there was a provincial tax rebate in ON if you buy an EV, until Mr. Ford was voted into office. IDK if any other provinces in Canada or states in the US have something similar.

  • I live in Norway, which has the highest rate of Tesla's per person, so here there's like always multiple Tesla's driving in a row

  • When graphen bateries will be realesed to electric cars? And what about solar panels to re-charge batteries?
    There is a prototype car (with >500kg) without any battery that can go upto 300km/h only with solar panels at full sun without clouds.
    There is a graphen battery that at lab has been charged with near 2.5MWh in 0.8 seconds.
    When on the hell that things will be seen on electric cars?
    It is very clear something is limiting that to happen: Cost, cost and cost.

  • I would buy an electric car if the prices were low enough. My current car gets about 300+ miles on a single tank of petrol (53 litres), but it could do better if I drove it for longer periods of time.

    My van gets around 620+ miles on a 90 litre tank of diesel. Until battery technology improves significantly, I simply can't invest in an electric powered van due to my daily and weekly mileage which is anywhere from 200-500 miles a day or even almost 2,000 miles a week.

    I've looked at hybrid vans, but they're only rated for 80 miles on battery power which isn't a lot at all.

  • No, wrong, the reason people don't buy them is they're not produced. There are no factories producing them. Pretty simple. Tesla is the only one making a car with 300+ mile range. The other manufacturers are building crap cars and intentionally limiting sales to 50k cars/year.
    There is no 300-mile VW Jetta,
    no 300-mile Ford Fusion,
    no 300-mile BMW 3-Series,
    no 300-mile Audi A5
    no 300-mile Toyota RAV4,
    no 300-mile Hyundai Sonata,
    no 300-mile Cadillac Escalade
    no 300-mile Nissan Altima.

    That's why people don't buy them. Because… they aren't built. There are also not enough BATTERY FACTORIES being built. Car companies just don't want to do it. There's an easy solution, it's called passing a law to require hybrids/EVs, but you guys wlll never do it. 2040 is a joke, just do it now.

  • Eh. Screw electric cars. I’d rather keep a guzzler on hand in case the apocalypse happens and the electric charging stations are unusable without a generator.

  • You can't get parts. you can't work on them. If Tesla for example decided that you electric car was totaled or to difficult to repair they will put your Vin number on a list. No support, phone or otherwise. O and yes they can and have turned the charging system off on such cars on the next update!

  • I have a fully battery electric car in my garage, and your point is? I have a Tesla Model 3, and there has been no range anxiety over 25000 miles and I drive long distances, there are plenty of Tesla Superchargers everywhere I want to go in the USA. There have been no problems, outside of some camera issues covered under warranty.

  • California is the Mecca of the electric/hybrid car industry in this country. Parking lots are at least 1/4 to 1/3 PHEVs, which is pretty dang good. The vast majority of them are Nissan Leafs, Priuses, and Teslas too boot. The newest models of fully electric cars also look damn good so that certainly improves their overall image.

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