10 Best Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Screen Protectors (2019)

When it comes to top-notch phablets, Samsung Galaxy Note series has always reigned supreme. And with the arrival of Galaxy Note 10 Plus, the game looks heavily in favor of Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone. Sporting elegant design coupled with high-end specs, the smartphone is designed for power users. What has caught my attention the most in the phablet is the 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED display. Boasting a screen resolution of 1,440 x 3,040 pixels, the display has a pixel density of 495 PPI which makes for a crisp and enhanced viewing experience. Knowing how precious Dynamic AMOLED display is, you should safeguard it. To help you easily pick out a reliable screen protector, I have rounded up the best Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus screen protectors.

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Screen Protectors

Keep a couple of simple tips in mind before putting your bucks on a screen guard:

Which Screen Defender Would Be Better for Your Need?

For maximum safeguard, tempered glass screen protectors are the go-to options. Powered by industry-standard hardness, they can effortlessly provide impact protection while also keep scratches at a fair distance. They also offer pretty good clarity and remain responsive to the touch. However, if you want a bit more touch sensitivity and transparency, liquid screen guards would be a touch better. Not to mention, liquid skins are also considered to be a tad more friendly with digital pens. So, if you wish to make the most of your S Pen, liquid screen defenders should be your favorite pick. Now that the pep talk is done, let’s discover what the top screen guards for Galaxy Note 10+ have to offer!

1. ESR Galaxy Note 10+ Screen Protector

For offering a trusted protection to the 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED display of your Note 10 Plus, ESR screen protector seems right on the money. To me, what makes it one of the best Note 10+ screen protectors is the durability. The company claims that it’s 3x stronger than other ordinary screen guards and can also withstand 11lbs of pressure, which means you can fully trust this defender to keep the screen protected from random bumps and scratches.


Another notable feature of the screen guard is the curved design which offers edge-to-edge coverage to the screen for uncompromised protection. And with oleophobic coating put in place, ESR screen guard doesn’t allow oil, smudge, and dust to destroy the clarity and responsiveness of the screen. The only con of this screen protector is that it’s not compatible with the ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor, which is a big disappointment.

Buy From Amazon: $13.99 (pack of 2)

2. PULEN Liquid Skin Screen Protector for Note 10+

Should you want to get the most out of your all-new S Pen, look no further than PULEN. This liquid-skin screen guard is designed to deliver 99.99% HD clarity so that you have an excellent viewing experience. Being very smooth and responsiveness, it allows the digital pen to glide smoothly. Hence, you can feel comfortable while sketching or making a quick note on the go.


Unlike many other screen guards in the market, PULEN doesn’t turn yellow either. Plus, it is also pretty good at preventing oil, dust, and smudge from building up on the screen. As a result, you will have the desired transparency and smoothness for long. Lastly, the company offers three packs without any additional price, which makes it a good deal.

Buy From Amazon: $9.99 (pack of 3)

3. Dome Glass

This screen guard from Dome Glass has got all the qualities to be a long term prospect for your Galaxy Note 10 Plus. The best part about it is the durability that ensures the screen has a dependable protector for long. Whether it’s thwarting shock or resisting scuffs, it can pass the test without any issue. It’s one of the best if not the best Galaxy Note 10 Plus screen protectors you can buy as far as strength is concerned.

Dome Glass

The screen protector also brings 3D curved edges and hence excels in offering the full defense to the entire screen. Sensitivity wise, Dome Glass screen protector is up to the task. And it’s all thanks to the ability to put sweat, fingerprints and smudge away. While everything about Dome Glass sounds, the only thing that is heavily against it is the way too expensive price. If price is no concern for you, then you should check out this one.

Buy From Amazon: $49.99

4. Ahker Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Galaxy Note 10+

What makes Ahker a solid defender for the Dynamic AMOLED display is the high-quality tempered glass coupled with 9H hardness. Thus, the screen gets the much-needed protector to absorb shock and also keep off nasty scratches. At 0.3mm thickness, it’s also a bit sturdy, which should empower it to last a little longer.


The curved design plays a vital role in not only fitting perfectly on the screen but also making sure the display has full coverage. In terms of clarity, Ahker touts to offer 99% transparency which is up to the mark. Just like many other tempered glass screen protectors, it can also resist fingerprints and oil. Therefore, your screen will always be free from dust and respond to your touch without any issue.

Buy From Amazon: $8.98 (pack of 2)

5. Galaxy Note 10+ Tempered Glass by GESMA

When it comes to being a reliable defender for the Note 10+ screen, GESMA is at par with the very best in the business. The tempered glass screen guard is extremely protective and can effortlessly take on accidental bumps and also ward off even nasty scratches. Being completely bubble-free, GESMA is pretty easy to install. Moreover, this screen guard also won’t leave behind any residue when removed – a plus whichever way you look at it.

GESMA Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Screen Protector

Another quality that makes GESMA one of the best screen guards for Note 10 Plus is the maximum clarity. The company claims to deliver up to 99% clarity which can go a long way in boosting your viewing experience. Thanks to the presence of oleophobic coating, this screen defender can also fight out smudge and oil to ensure the screen doesn’t lose clarity and smoothness.

Buy From Amazon: $6.95

6. Galaxy Note 10 Plus Screen Protector by WRJ

Both in terms of providing the needed protection to the screen and smoothness to the touch, WRJ screen guard can stand up to the demand. Made of TPU film, the screen protector can let you get the most out of the ultra-large display thanks to the high-clarity that go up to 99.99%. Being liquid, the screen is extremely sensitive to the touch, ensuring both your tap and digital pen can seamlessly glide on the screen.


The screen guard also does a more than decent job in resisting dust and sweat to keep the responsiveness intact for long. Beyond smoothness, the company provides the screen guard in three-packs at one price. So, if you are looking for an affordable option, WRJ screen guard would be a fine option.

Buy From Amazon: $9.99 (pack of 3)

7. Ferilinso Galaxy Note 10 Plus Film Screen Protector

“Ferilinso” has come with up a reasonably good screen protector for Samsung’s latest phablet. And having given a close look at what has it in store, I am pretty satisfied with its quality. Made of top-notch TPU film, Ferilinso screen guard should be able to endure minor shock.


As for protection from scratches, this screen guard can ward off normal scratches without any problem. So from a protection perspective, it should live up to the billing. As it’s bubble-free, the installation process should be an easy affair. Both in terms of clarity and sensitivity, Ferilinso is as good as any high-quality TPU film screen protectors available in the market.

Buy From Amazon: $10.99 (pack of 3)

8. Galaxy Note 10 Plus Screen Protector by IVSO

I rate IVSO screen protectors very highly for a couple of main reasons. First and foremost, the screen guard is made of high-quality TPU material which provides top-of-the-line clarity. Thanks to the high transparency, you have a ch better viewing experience. And the second, the screen guard doesn’t turn yellow over time.


With the rounded edge, it fits ideally on the entire screen. Moreover, the screen defender also has the desired smoothness to let you use your digital pen elegantly. Despite being extremely thin, it can even fight out low volume impact. Besides, you can trust the liquid screen to keep sweat and dust at an arm’s length.

Buy From Amazon: $9.99 (pack of 3)

9. QHOHQ Screen Protector for Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Though QHOHQ is not a big name, its screen protectors have got the quality to be an adorable shield for Note 10’s display. The environmental-friendly TPU material gives it enough strength to endure shock. It’s also anti-scratch to prevent scuffs from destroying the display. And with the smooth edge, it makes sure the screen gets the full cover to stay protected.


The company says that the screen guard offers maximum HD clarity. Thus, you will continue to get crisp and clear. Furthermore, the ability to resist sweat and dust also stand it in good stead. Hence, the responsiveness stays intact for long. Overall, it’s an appreciable screen protector as it has covered all the basics.

Buy From Amazon: $9.99 (pack of 3)

10. Dahkoiz

Last but not least, Dahkoiz has come up with a smart deal, which many of you would like to cash-in-on! Well, if you don’t want your spending on Galaxy Note 10+ case and screen protector to go beyond $10, this could be worth giving a look at as the package includes an impressive TPU case and a screen protector. 


The case sports a slim look and wraps around the Note 10+ spotlessly. Not to mention, it can also endure minor bumps and keep scratches at bay. With the raised edges, the cover offers additional defense to both screen and camera. Talking about the screen guard, it’s fully bubble-free and provides the desired clarity to enhance viewing.

Buy From Amazon: $7.99 

Keep the Beautiful Display Protected with the Best Galaxy Note 10 Plus Screen Protectors

Now that you have got the top screen protectors for Galaxy Note 10+ lined up, pick out the one that is in sync with your needs. A beautiful display deserves uncompromising protection. So, it’s always better to stay on the safer side of the fence right from the onset. By the way, let me know your favorite screen guard and the things that make it stand out. Also, share with us your favorite Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ screen protectors by writing in the comments section below.

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