Why Piracy Will NEVER DIE

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Why is piracy resurgent despite the proliferation of cheap legal streaming options?

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24 thoughts on “Why Piracy Will NEVER DIE

  • To be honest, I only have a 50 Mb/s fixed Internet subscription, share 50 percent of Netflix 10 euro monthly cost with my brother. And as an extra have a F1.tv monthly sub, which runs only during the season for 6,99 pm. I don’t watch cable tv as the 2 or 3 National channels can be streamed ‘for no extra cost’ and I don’t watch commercial tv channels as they mostly run re-runs or broadcast stuff I am not interested in.

  • youtube , floatplane , motortrend channel , patreon these days . i remember i could watch it all on youtube . now it would be an extra 40 euro per month . i don't pay . if i miss something that way , i guess i'll survive . i calculated what it would cost compared to 15 years ago . back then i paid 40 euro each year for cable and 50 each month for internet . now it would be about the same + all the streaming costs . adds up to 150 to 200 euro a month . I bought a very nice car with that money . enough free content to fill up free time .

  • Netflix becomes super popular , piracy decreases.

    Companies take all their shit off Netflix and onto their own paid sub services at 8-20 per month

    Piracy surges

    Weird that.

  • That also, where there are so many providers putting out different things, its like the cable line where you had to pay a certain amount for channels you or I don't want

  • Good video. In theory maybe you could jump from service to service. (Spend a couple of months on one binge watching game of thrones, then move onto the next service for a couple of months to watch their offering etc.) But it's the same with sports tv in the UK. It used to be terrestrial or Sky. Then people said "Competition=Good" and now we've got Sky, BT and now I see Prime Video is getting in on the act as well.

  • 2 ads in the intro, 2 in the outro, 1 in the video itself !! man we gotta start pirating these videos too pretty soon.. This is why piracy will never die.

  • When a pirate steals your gold, you have no gold. When Internet "pirates" strike, everyone has more. Sharing is caring. Internet piracy is a misnomer, at best, full blown brainwashing propaganda, at worst.

  • I've torrented enough to realize that I have valued torrent content much much less than content I have had to pay for. There's just no satisfaction in getting something for nothing. There's also no appreciation for how much work people put into the material that is often torrented.

  • so i no longer pirate stuff, im not against it when used for the right reasons (stuff like using it as a Game demo or if something isn't available in the place you live) piracy is a service problem for the most part, if your software is reasonably priced and easily available its normally much easier to buy it from the source (just a note im against pirating something just because its been put out by a company you dont like, like say Epic games, im boycotting Epic but even though there are quite a few games i want that have signed Epic exclusis i won't pirate them as it diminishes the point of a boycott) i will also pirate a game or video if i already own it to get around Dumb stuff like DRM or always online mechanics, both always online and DRM can trash a games experience so im more than happy to pay full price for a game and then turn around and piret it so i don't have to deal with that kind of crap.

  • Tip use 123movies or putlocker for free movies. You just gotta click out of 3 or 4 beginning pop ups then you can watch any movie or TV show for free. I haven't bought a movie in years.

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