7 Best AirPods Pro Cases and Skins You Can Buy (2019)

AirPods Pro not only warrants a whopping $249 price tag but also a mindboggling repair cost – $89 for each earphone (out-of-warranty). Add to that the $89 servicing cost for the wireless charging case and your wallet might already begin to feel light – if not empty. Jokes aside, when you are dealing with premium earbuds like Apple’s all-new offerings, it’s wise to go for an additional shield upfront. This way, even if your AirPods meet with an accidental fall, they will remain safeguarded and also scratch-free. To save your precious time and also help you find a suitable cover, we have rounded up some of the best AirPods Pro cases and skins available in the market right now. So, be sure to get one before taking the earbuds for a long music spree as unexpected things tend to happen when you expect them the least.

Best AirPods Pro Cases and Skins You Should Buy

Don’t want to go for full-on protection? No problem. Different people have different tastes. Keeping in mind the requirement of minimalists, we have also included some top-notch skins for AirPods Pro. Despite being incredibly thin, these wraps are quite scratch-resistant. Therefore, they can raise the style quotient without exposing the AirPods to random scuffs. That all being said, let’s find out which one of these cases and skins look primed for your new AirPods!

1.ESR Protective Cover

Even before Apple could reveal AirPods Pro, ESR announced a range of eye-catching AirPods Pro cases. And if you want to protect your all-new wireless earbuds from scratches and even random bumps, be sure to take a close look at this protective cover. It has a lightweight and compact design that offers 360-degree defense to the AirPods case. Plus, the silicone material not only endows it a bit more cushion but also offers improved gripping. The keychain design helps you carry your earphones securely. What’s more, this durable AirPods Pro cover also works with wireless charging and comes in multiple attractive color variants including black, red, yellow, light pink and more.

ESR Protective Case

Buy from Amazon: $8.99

2. SLEO Shockproof Case

Featuring a shockproof design, Sleo AirPods Pro case is for the folks who want to go for an additional safeguard to keep the earphones shielded against impact. The combination of PU leather and soft TPU material has armored the case to resist shock. Despite having a rugged appearance, it doesn’t look bulky at all. Thanks to the handy keychain, you can securely carry your AirPods. Furthermore, the cover also supports wireless charging so that there is no need to remove the case from the AirPods before charging. And if you have a liking for colors, the company also offers five color variants including blue, black, red, coffee, and brown so that you can get the right suit for your AirPods.

SLEO AirPods Pro Case

Buy from Amazon: $8.99

3. Clear Carrying Case from ESR

It indeed feels nice to flaunt something that rules vox pop, doesn’t it? So, if you want to shield your AirPods Pro without covering the design, look no further than this clear case. Made of high-quality rippled TPU material, it has a snug-fit profile with non-slip texture. Being fully dust-resistant, the cover has got the quality to keep the transparency intact. The built-in keychain along with a useful carabiner allows you to carry the AirPods with the needed convenience. As for hue options, ESR clear case isn’t behind either thanks to the three adorable options: clear, black, and green.

3. Clear Carrying cAse for AirPods Pro from ESR

Buy from Amazon: $11.99


Sporting a sophisticated profile, ASKCUT seems quite promising. What makes it a nice choice is the soft-textured silicone material that wraps around the AirPods like a form-fitting glove. While the soft finish offers improved grip, the detachable stainless steel carabiner makes sure your earphones stay secure. Though the cover is more about style and less about protection, you can expect it to thwart scratches. Besides, ASKCUT silicone cover also gets along perfectly with the wireless charging case. Not to mention, the low price ($4.39) that makes it one of the most affordable AirPods Pro cases in the market.

ASKCUT silicone case for AirPods Pro

Buy from Amazon: $4.39


Still hunting for the AirPods case that can offer the best bang for your bucks? If yes, this offering from YGoal might just be the answer to your search. Well, it looks spot on from a design perspective. The soft silicone material has given it an elegant appearance. And with a textured finish, the exterior feels pretty comfortable to the touch. Just like all the counterparts mentioned in this coveted lineup, it also works well with the wireless charging case. Given all these notable qualities, the $3.95 price tag makes it easily the best value for money AirPods Pro cases in the market.

YGoal silicone skin for AirPods Pro

Buy from Amazon: $3.95

6. SLEO Silicone Case

Unlike SLEO’s shockproof case, this one has a bit delicate look courtesy the textured silicone skin. The smooth leather texture enhances the appearance of the AirPods, while also offering a much-improved grip. But is this silicone skin good enough to resist scratches? Though the manufacturer claims that the case can withstand bumps and also ward off scratches, you can fully trust it to keep scuffs away. And if it’s able to also endure minor shock, consider it an added bonus. Lastly, Sleo silicone skin also comes with an anti-lost rope and carabiner so that you are able to carry the AirPods safely.

SLEO silicone case for AirPods Pro

Note: The company has not updated the picture of their case to reflect new arrivals. The above picture is just to demonstrate the finish and color of the product that you can expect.

Buy from Amazon: $7.99

7: Best AirPods Pro Skins and Wraps from dbrand

Looking at the wide range of dbrand skins and wraps for AirPods Pro, all I can say is that they are worth giving serious consideration, especially if you aren’t a big fan of cases. The company’s offerings from the wireless earbuds seem to be in line with those for iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. If the textured profile of the dragon skin doesn’t catch your eyeballs, the silky touch of the titanium may be good enough to win you over. Not to underestimate the range of true color variants would be great picks for giving a vibrant look and feel to your earphones.

AirPods Pro Skin

The use of 3M vinyl has strengthened the structure while also ensuring the skin works perfectly with wireless charging. Better still, unlike cheap skins and wraps, dbrand Signature Skins for AirPods Pro don’t leave any residue behind when removed. At $12.95, the wraps are a little pricey. But the quality that they boast makes them a great choice.

Buy from Dbrand: $12.95

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Choose the Best Cases, Skins, and Wraps for Your AirPods Pro

Even though it’s too early to derive a full-on verdict as to where AirPods Pro sits in the pecking order, the word of mouth suggests that the latest iteration of AirPods is going to sell well. With the delivery date already delayed several weeks, wireless earphones couldn’t have asked for a better start. Just in case you would like to find out the difference between AirPods and AirPods Pro, make sure to check the detailed guide. Besides, stay tuned with us as we will soon line up the best AirPods Pro alternatives that can not only compete with Apple’s earphones but also topple them on many fronts. By the way, which case or skin is going to pair with your AirPods? We would love to know your picks.

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