BSES Delhi and Ola to Build Battery Swapping Stations in New Delhi

BSES Delhi and Ola have reportedly signed an MoU for setting up a network of battery swapping and charging stations in New Delhi in an attempt to hasten the adoption of EVs in the city.

As part of the MoU, BSES Rajdhani will set-up battery swapping and charging stations in south and west-Delhi, BSES Yamuna will do the same in east and central-Delhi.

According to reports, BSES and Ola will work together to identify locations where these stations should be set-up, and will provide access to EV charging and battery swapping to two-wheelers and three-wheelers in the city. Some of the stations will also be equipped to charge electric cars, an official statement said. According to the statement, Ola will be responsible for managing and operating the charging stations via cloud-based software.

Speaking about the initiative, BSES Yamuna CEO P R Kumar said, “BSES is gearing up to play a major role in the promotion of the EV sector in the national capital. This partnership with Ola Electric is in continuance with these efforts. Setting-up of battery swapping stations will virtually eliminate the wait-time for charging, thus removing a major impediment preventing the adoption of EVs.”

BSES Rajdhani CEO, Amal Sinha also said, “Setting-up of battery swapping stations will not only boost the adoption of EVs, but also help in reducing power theft by E-Rickshaws.”

Setting up battery swapping and charging stations in the city is a great step, considering that Delhi has a huge air-pollution problem, and hastening the adoption of EVs in the city can definitely help with reducing emissions from commercial and private vehicles.

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