8 Best Gallery Apps For Android in 2020

Smartphones might not go toe to toe against DSLRs when it comes to camera quality but they certainly are capable enough to capture your candid moments and selfies, of course. We love taking pictures on our smartphone, especially since most Android smartphones these days come equipped with decent cameras. Thus, it’s important that the Gallery app on our Android devices is fully equipped to manage the tons of photos we’ve taken. While smartphone manufacturers mostly include a photo management app aka a Gallery app by default, they most certainly aren’t the best. Some are slow to load pictures, some aren’t too good at sorting, while some are just too simple to our liking.

So, if you’ve been wanting to use a better Gallery app on your Android smartphone, we are here to your rescue. Here are the 10 best Gallery apps for Android you should be using: 

1. Piktures

Piktures might not be as popular as others on the list but it has definitely got the most intuitive interface out of the lot. The app includes a number of intuitive gestures to make navigation a lot more easy. The albums are available on the left edge, while the filters/tags are available on the right edge. The app also includes a cool calendar view and location view, which shows the pictures inside a calendar and pictures taken at various locations, respectively.

Piktures Gallery App

Along with the beautiful interface, it features a Secure Drive, protected by a PIN, where you can save your personal pictures and videos. Other features of the app include GIF & video support, ability to view EXIF data, slideshows etc.

Install: (Free with in-app purchases)

2. Focus

Focus is one of the very capable Gallery replacement apps available on the Play Store. Firstly, the app supports all image types, GIFs and video files. It sorts out your pictures based on the folders, tags & date and it all looks great in the app’s homepage. You can also tag your photos for better sorting. There are 11 preset tags like Art, Family, Awesome, Friends, Me, Nature, Pets, Travel and more. The app is available in a free version but it’s heavily limited, as most of its amazing features are part of the Premium version (available as an in-app purchase).

Focus Gallery App

The Premium version of Focus brings custom tags, control on what pictures are seen on the main page, dark theme, the ability to lock screen to a single image, vault to lock pictures, change icon of the app and more. To sum things up, you will have to buy the Premium version of the app to really enjoy the best features of Focus but trust us when we say it’s worth it.

Install: (Free with in-app purchase of $1.47 for Premium)

3. QuickPic

QuickPic Gallery app might not be the best looking Gallery app but it’s indeed one of most feature-rich photo management apps out there. The app supports almost all the different image and video files. It lets you upload your pictures to various cloud services like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Flickr etc. along with its own CM Cloud service.


Then, there are features like slideshow, internal picture editor, file management, ability to lock private photos and videos with password, app customization options and more. The good news is, the app is available for free on the Play Store.

Install: (Free)

4. MyRoll Gallery

MyRoll Gallery is another very cool Gallery app for Android and while it includes a number of cool features, the most unique has to be its Smart Mode. The Smart Mode is a personalized gallery of your pictures inside the app, which chooses your best photos with your smiling faces centered in the thumbnails. Along with Smart Mode, the app also sorts out your pictures according to date, time, events and location. It also features a Moments view, which offers a more collage like view of your Gallery.

MyRoll Gallery App

MyRoll also offers 50 GB of cloud storage for your photos along with Google Photos integration, so you can view all your pictures at a single place. Moreover, the app offers intelligent notifications reminding you of your great trips or events.

Install: (Free with in-app purchases)

5. Google Photos

Chances are, you already have Google Photos installed on your Android smartphone and if you indeed have, you certainly have the most intelligent and advanced Gallery app out there. The official Gallery app for Android packs in features like visual search, which lets you search for photos with the things associated with them. You can type something to search or you can even enter an emoji to search for a picture. It also lets you create cool albums, collages, animations and movies. Also, the app automatically categorizes pictures based on place, common things and people.

Google Photos app

Google Photos also lets you store unlimited high quality pictures in Google Drive, so there’s that. Well, we have already talked at length about the Google Photos’ unique features and we certainly love it.

Install: (Free)

6. F-Stop

If you want a Gallery app that’s lightning fast, you should check out the F-Stop Media Gallery app. Along with its fast experience, the Gallery app offers various features like tags, themes for the app, ability to read metadata (EXIF, XMP, IPTC) data right from the image, metadata based search, GIF support, lock pictures & videos with password protection, slideshow mode with different transitions to choose from and more. It also includes a cool location mode based on Google Maps, where you will find pictures based on location in the map.

F-Stop Gallery app

While the aforementioned features in the app are free, there is a Pro version of the app that brings the ability to save tags & ratings in XMP format along with features like drag & drop support, nested folders and more.

Install: (Free, Pro $4.99)


The FOTO Gallery app is arguably the best photo organizer of the lot. While the photo organization here is manual, the process is simplified and you’ll definitely appreciate it. The app shows you your photos one by one in a circular interface and you can just tap on albums where you want to send the photo. Sure, it can get a little time consuming but it’s highly effective. The app also lets you create tags and sort pictures time, name, size, order or simply view them by tags. Other features of the app include ability to search for photos by albums or date, hide albums, album covers and more.

FOTO Gallery App

The organization wheel in the free version of the app is limited, so you will have to make an in-app purchase to get the Premium version. The paid version also brings password protection for hidden albums, custom sorting through drag & drop and more.

Install: (Free with in-app purchase of $3.70 for Premium version)

8. FlickMoment

FlickMoment is a highly popular Gallery app that arguably packs the best slideshow feature. The app combines all your photos and videos and plays them along in a slideshow video. You can even choose to select specific files to play in slideshow. The slideshow video is saved in mp4 file format with 720p resolution, so you can even share it. The app also includes features like dynamic albums, photos organization according to time, date, location & events, and more. The app is available for free, so you should definitely check out its slideshow features.

FlickMoment Gallery App

Install: (Free)

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Organize and view your photos better with these alternative Gallery apps

These are most certainly the best Gallery apps out there and you should give them a try. These apps should fulfil your need of a Gallery app that is fast, better at organizing and brings additional cool features. So, install these apps and do let us know your favorite Gallery app for Android. Sound off in the comments section below because we love hearing from you!

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