Can You Have TOO Many CPU Cores?

Are there situations where having lots of processor cores can actually hurt performance?

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35 thoughts on “Can You Have TOO Many CPU Cores?

  • Also, the OS's overhead and ability to manage processes/threads can hurt performance when juggling more CPUs and Cores. (Especially older kernel models that saturated the first couple of cores to manage the threads and locks to other cores.)

    In the mid 00s, more than 8 Cores/CPU was hard for Linux, as Linux's Linus famously discussed at the time, as there were not plans for the general version of the kernel to perform well with more cores. (Which has since changed significantly, but was an interesting blip in the history of the Linux kernel.)

    With NT (Windows) version 7 received a huge update to the kernel to eliminate most of the overhead when working with 64 or more CPUs/Cores.

    Windows 8 & 10 received another large set of scheduling optimizations and capabilities for multi core performance. For example, additional information is considered for each core and what threads to use, thus being able to schedule cores based on location, stability, and temperature.

    This is the reason the XBox One originally had more stable frame rates than the PS4, as the kernel was able to thermal balance threads on the SoC – which was unique to Windows NT at the time. There are still a few scheduling advantages that are still unique to Windows 10 (NT) – with GPU preemptive scheduling, and processor agnostic scheduling being the two most known. The second one meaning Windows can send threads through any cores/CPUs, GPUs and co-processors, even if the code wasn't intended for that processor or type of processor.

  • For me 8 cores is the way to go, but the number of PCIe lanes is crucial considering all the shit I have connected to my PC. Which is why I'm still waiting for the 7nm version of the 1900X.

  • On a personal note I don't really need a lot of cores to edit personal video so I'm probably looking at a 8 ryzen but not really anything higher for my next build. I'd like to be a buy the newest thing when it comes out but I can't afford that. Price to performance is a something people should consider along with the games and software they want to use and play. If you're a AAA game nut then yeah buying the latest would keep you being able to run everything. I find it hard to believe most gamers are like that

  • I was kind of annoyed when I found out that "best bang for your buck" price range. The 200-$-ish core i5 sort of CPUs. Those are all moving up to 6 or more cores. I don't want 6 cores, I want more powerful quad-cores.

  • Short answer: No, such thing.
    Unless you have weak cores, and then the number does not matter, because a single core is weak as well, and all the cores are weak on top of it. But is it too many? No.
    Too many is when you don't need them, but I do remember people in 2013 saying that we will not need anything that uses more than 2 cores for years.

    Same year Battlefield 4 came out, that can use up to 6 cores at times, 5 at all times. I tested it, because I play it too (still)

  • I find your videos entertaining and educative. Even your ads are so well presented, unless it's a repeat ad for me for the 3rd time, I love watching them.

  • AMD's 16-core 3950X is the fastest in single core of all Ryzen CPUs, and it is faster in both single-core and multi-core than the 18-core i9 9980XE and i9 10980XE

  • It's a little bit of a chicken and egg situation, because most computer programs run in a single thread, you need to write multi-treaded software if you want it to run on more than one core. And there are actually problems that can't even theoretically be calculated in parallel, so you need to run them in one thread.

  • I just had the biggest ever…an average consumer laptop set to open 45 Google Chrome tabs whenever the PC is started. And behind it another Chrome window. You North American lot know how to earn reputation…

  • Those guys who buy 18 cores high end processors are the same who buy skins and packs into the games, just to feel they're pro gamers, until they find a 10 years old asian kid beats them without mercy.

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