This Chrome Extension Generates Gmail Sign-Offs for You

If your daily work involves sending and receiving a lot of emails throughout the day, you would probably be either spending a lot of time thinking of creative ways to close an email or sticking with the generic email sign-off messages like “Sincerely”, “Best”, or “Thanks”.

While the latter works fine, at times, it would feel redundant and you might sound like a robot to the recipient. Well, not anymore. Check out Good Sign-offs Gmail Extension, a Chrome extension that offers over 100 ways to close your mail.

The suggestions given by the extension are compiled from this collection. You may refer to this collection if your primary mail client is not Gmail and you do not want to miss out on some creative ways to bid adieu.

To get started, simply install the extension from Chrome Web Store and click on the yellow heart 💛 icon present next to the Send button. The extension will now automatically add a sign-off message to conclude your mail.

While the extension does a good job of suggesting ways to end your mail, some options it suggests are a bit informal. I would advise you to recheck the sign-off message if the mail’s contents are strictly formal or business-oriented.

For all other semi-formal conversations, you will not go wrong with the sign-off messages offered by Good Sign-offs Gmail extension. In fact, it adds a touch of humor and some awareness towards pets and the environment at times.

Check out the extension from the link below and let us know if you found this helpful in the comments.

Download Good Sign-offs Gmail Extension

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