Avoiding Common PC Building Traps – Episode 4

Are you having trouble building your own PC and need some new hope?

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Intro Title: Showdown by F.O.O.L from Monstercat – Best of 2016
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31 thoughts on “Avoiding Common PC Building Traps – Episode 4

  • So I know this series is an old one and this might not get noticed, but just in case if it might I'll ask
    You suggest building the system outside of case, I agree with this, my question is, what if a system's CPU doesn't have integrated graphics for booting? (If that is needed) does one install the GPUfor the procces?

  • Make sure you build to be upgraded and build on a DDR4 compatible motherboard, my first build was an AMD FX Series and DDR3 and it was outdated, it forces it to where the most you can upgrade to is a Mid-range computer and once something eventually degrades or shorts, which wont take long, it's even more expensive to replace than newer models. When my Mobo went out I had to sink almost 400 into replacing the parts with a slightly better Ryzen compatible Mobo along with the new RAM and CPU because they weren't compatible with anything that is slightly newer. Dont cheap out, you'll pay for it in the future

  • I know i commented some tips on episode one but im back again. Dont feel like you NEED a SSD. They can improve loading times etc but arent going to hurt you in the long run. If you can get one go for it but if not considering a good one can be 80+ dollars then dont worry. I just got one a month ago and before that for 3 years my pc was playing games like gta, rainbow, csgo, battlefield, and a lot more intensive games. Now they just load faster. definitely not a waste of money as i can play load games and boot up like up to 10 times faster but if you're on a budget, dont worry they dont hurt fps or performance.

  • im really beginning to wonder if it's worth just mixing and matching all the components to build stuff from the motherboard up and then jsut manually build a wooden case to hang all the components in. this would of course be called a wood pc, regardless of the specs

  • This time, Linus fall into a trap(0:50). It is a very bad idea! He got it wrong because of elementary physics: increasing air pressure inside case leads to increased air temperature – and it does not care the speed you take the air out. Elementary physics teaches us that you should have a slightly lower pressure inside the case(pv/t = const, i.e. t=p*v, i.e. increased pressure leads to increased temperature). You should have more fans taking the air out, creating a slightly smaller pressure: this way, the air entering the case gets a bit cooler by simply entering the case – and the air out speed is not affected at all. Do your homework and redo the episode! Do not forget to buy me some crumpets, fish and chips, onion rings and a bottle of Pepsi for the Free Five Minute Elementary Physics Course(FFMEPC) – and I demand personal delivery!

  • Thermal paste goes everywhere, put it in ram slots, slather it on the fans, shove it inside ur video card and blanket ur motherboard with it. Also flood the power supply with thermal paste. Boom absolutely zero heat problems. You will never overheat with this solution

  • Don't start a build without vital components in place. Some might be late in the mail. Having a partially built computer "lying around" is bad for many reasons. It is easy to lose parts or even damage some that are improperly stored in the vicinity if your work area isn't tidy.

  • Pro tip:
    Water is a great conductor, so instead of wasting money on an anti-static wrist-strap, just tie some wet string around your wrist.
    Additionally, you want all that Static to go somewhere, so plug in the computer when you're using it, and be sure to turn on the power supply, or it won't connect.
    Also, make sure you have a mouthful of water at all times. If you accidentally put thermal paste in the wrong place, it makes washing it off much quicker.
    and finally, assemble your PC on a table much too small for it, while standing on a swivel chair, just because.

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