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Why are sound cards no longer a must-have item?

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39 thoughts on “Where Did SOUND CARDS Go?

  • using beyerdynamic dt 990 pro 600ohm headphones. I got them years ago for 200 cdn when the average price was 400, great deal but it also meant no standard equipment could use them to their full potential so i bought a SB zxr. It was one of the best choices i ever made, im not an elite audiophile but i do sit back and close my eyes when listening to good lossless tracks lol.

  • So i am just going to throw this out there, all Nvidia GPU's come with a sound processor that is leagues better then the one on the motherboard. I get true Dolby digital 7.2 from my RTX 2070 and my ASUS TUF x570 motherboard cant to do that.

  • Still using (cheap ass) Soundblaster Zs in both of my high-end desktop systems, even the most expensive motherboard soundchips sound like crap compared to an affordable soundcard. There's not even a discussion tbh, if you really can't hear the difference, get yourself a decent soundsystem… Ps. Most external DACs sound worse than soundcards, the quality of the materials used is often underwhelming unless you spend a lot of money.

  • I remember my old PC where i was forced to play Max Payne without a sound or the game crash.
    Only 1 on a 10 attempts can start with a sound lol.
    And there was a thing like Sound Blaster and their EAX

  • I think the most compelling reason to get a sound card is for old school gaming with wavetable synthesis. Other then that… meh… but I still use a Sound Blaster… does sound a bit better because of integrated amp.

  • I still use my ASUS Xonar Essence STX, it has better sound then onboard and it can drive my studio headphones. But if i get better sound-card onboard next time i upgrade then i might use it.

  • What about having to set the jumpers on these cards to set the IRQ to avoid conflicts with other cards/devices. Also not all games supported all cards and you had to choose in a menu from Adlib, Gravis and Soundblaster (amongst others)

  • Why a sound card? Because in FPS Games I get to be the radar for my team and offer long distance sound recon withing 5 degree radius and close range within 3.

  • Suggestion: AC97 vs HDaudio, you use the same cable and speakers so what makes it HD? the only diff i see is how jack detection works NO vs NC, what makes changing the detect logic meaningful

  • Sound cards did not go any where it is just that most people these days don't seem to care whether they have good sound or not and to them a onboard audio solution is more than enough for them to use.

    I personally hate on board audio solutions in my opinion a real audio cards ( sound cards) just sound better. I also do not like the fact that on board audio use more of your CPU to process the audio. I have tried to use the on board audio a few times on different main boards and just found it sounding flat and lifeless.

    My current setup I was forced to use the on board for about a month because after a Windows 10 feature update my sound card decided to take a dump and not work. It was one of the longest months I had to endure because I like to shape my music to my liking and every time I tried to change the bass or treble settings even in the slightest it seemed to cut off the audio output down some what so it could be able to use the new settings I was trying to do this is on a Realtek setup and on a Gigabyte main board ans what they like to call HD Audio what a joke.

    My Audio card is older and Creative a month later decided to update the drivers for my audio card so I was back in business with clean crisp audio from my PC and my music was back to where I call sounding really good. Besides that my audi card does all of the work so my CPU don't have to do it.

  • Guys, why do you always talk about soundcards without even mentioning once about pro audio, where hobbyists and music studios need them for sound/music production, a place where they definetly play a huge role? It's not about the fact that these days the CPU can handle the processing, but mainly about having the sound card handling the high fidelity audio to digital and digital to audio conversion and also ASIO (direct communication without CPU processing, for minimal delay in audio response) and multiple inputs and outputs and etc. — This video definetly dissapoints me because it seems that pro audio is labeled as a nichee market.

  • I just installed a sound card two weeks ago. My motherboard audio was giving me trouble. the new one works fine but it makes a Pop sound when powering up the computer.

  • I like my Sound Blaster X AE-5. However there's one problem… abysmal buggy driver… Windows audio is probably the worst. That's why I went analog on all equipment other than unavoidable master track inputs and outputs from my custom PC.

  • The death of Aureal really hurt the sound card industry. It had hardware features like sound reflections that even modern games don't have. Nothing Creative made after was compelling to gamers or added any worthwhile features so there wasn't even a point to getting a high end soundcard when it wouldn't sound different from what was already built into the PC.

  • My 4+ year old MB sound stopped working after the last big Win 10 update/release. While I suspected it was a software issue, nothing I did could solve the problem of no audio. Frustrated, I bought a cheap soundblaster card, and got my audio back, without any further difficulty.

  • I have a Sony CAS-1 speaker, which has a dedicated amplifier/soundcard connected to PC through a USB cable. Recently I switched to another amplifier since CAS-1 does not have AUX connection for easily switching between my PC/PS4. Even though my current very cheap solution of HDMI to monitor then to an AUX cable, I guarantee it makes no difference to the sound quality, at least through this set of speakers, plus my Sennheiser HD-700. Thus I personally think the sound card is totally a waste in light users, especially the ones who do not have a career in music creation. The music files are much more important in case you really look into better sound quality.

  • Reminds me when my parents gave me a sound card on my birthday for my 486 DX. I gasped when I heard a computer making a sound for the first time ever

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