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Hackintosh Expert

Learn how to install OS X mojave on any computer or laptop using clover bootloader. Learn how to use and configure clover bootloader.

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Malware Analysis Expert

Learn how to investigate viruses, spyware, ransomware and other crypto malwares using various tools like IDA pro and flare toolbox. A complete beginners to advance malware analysis course

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Android Password Cracking

Learn how to hack into any android device and crack password, pattern, pin, faceunlock, fingerprint locks within few minutes. A complete course with 5 practical methods on how I crack passwords while investigating.

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Virtualization Expert

Learn how to download and install a range of operating systems on virtualbox and vmware – operating systems ranging from windows 3 to many linux operating system.


About Priyank Gada and DigitalGada

I am a forensics investigator, malware analysit and an ethical hacker. I started my journey as a website developer, soon started working as an ethical hacker and forensics investigator for cops. Upgrading skills gave me a better option, to work as a malware analyst and have been creating content from a long time. In 2009, I started working as a udemy instructor and made tons. Later I moved on to making content for YouTube. India needs instructors and content creator to work in Hindi language to develop India. After understanding and analyzing problems, I started making content in Hindi language. I was always a tech-geek and started learning programming languages, android and iOS application development, and many other things.

  • Malware analyst, zero day investigation expert and a professional reverse engineer.

  • Ethical hacking aka penetration testing, vulnerability assessment expert.

  • Data recovery, evidence handling and digital forensics investigation expert.

  • Creating video and readable content for udemy, and other websites like youtube.


Here are all the courses

Hackintosh Expert

Learn How to install OS X on any computer using clover boot-loader. Learn how to configure and install boot-loader and install OS X on any computer-laptop.
OneLit Certified Hackintosh Expert

Virtualization Expert

Learn how to download and install almost every operating system on virtualbox and vmware – ranging from windows 3 to many linux based operating systems. A complete Virtualization course.
One Lit Certified Virtualization Expert

Malware analysis Expert

Learn how to analyze malware, spyware, adware and other viruses using programs like IDA pro, wire-shark and flare toolbox which is used by professionals.
OneLit Certified Malware Analysis Expert

Android Password Cracking Expert

Learn how we crack password, pattern, pins, faceunlock, fingerprint unlock and any passwords in any android phones while forensics investigating. A detailed course.
OneLit Certified Android Password Cracking Expert

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